Meet Anar Mammadov, CTO and Co-founder of Senpex, the Entrepreneur Changing the Status Quo for On-Demand Delivery Providers

Sunnyvale, CA, Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In 2015, e-commerce sales reached 1.55 trillion US dollars. But as the market grows and attracts new players, it will take even more skill to attract customers to your store.

One way to keep customers happy and get them coming back is to master your e-commerce fulfillment.

If you don’t deal with e-commerce fulfillment problems now, they will only become harder to fix as your business grows. 

Delivery companies are increasingly empowering local businesses to reach more local customers, and not rely on global logistics companies to move products around their markets. Companies tackling this challenge are often referred to as on-demand delivery providers; companies at your service when a job has been requested. As these technologies continue to carve out their role in the global logistics industry, we’re likely to see previously unimagined levels of optimization throughout the supply chain — from manufacturing to warehousing to delivery.

These delivery platforms leverage thousands of part-time local delivery people to bring products to customers immediately -- or as the name goes, on-demand. PwC predicts that the five main sharing economy sectors, with transportation being one of the largest, will generate global revenues of $335 billion by 2025. This potential revenue will propel it to match revenues generated by the traditional retail sectors.

This substantial shift has resulted in the emergence of many niche last-mile delivery players around the world in their respective markets -- ie. whoever manages to employ the most on-demand couriers in a city is said to have the greatest “supply” and can, therefore, service merchants and customers the best by being the most reliable.

So why should you, as a merchant, be interested in this? Mostly because many of the largest retailers in the US have taken note of this shift to increased efficiency in getting products to customers quicker -- it’s a way of offering superior customer service. With the increase specifically in e-commerce competition, delighting your customers by having their package or any items (catering, flowers, pharmacy and etc) magically appear the same day as they ordered is proving to be a valued differentiator. E-commerce part it suppose to be easy for customers to order on-demand (point out here API).

We had the exclusive chance to chat with Anar, the CTO, and co-founder of Senpex. By utilizing an exclusive fleet, consisting of 15% of all courier applicants makes Senpex the most selective, dependable and versatile team of on-demand couriers. Senpex is taking on-demand delivery to the masses and has launched an innovative senpex application and platform with operations in 5 states (California, NY, Ohio, Virginia and Washington State).

A little bit about Anar Mammadov, prior to Senpex, Anar was primarily involved in the government and logistics-related software industry for approximately 12 years, in Europe, Russia and Turkey. Having great dreams and a heavy entrepreneurial spirit, Anar decided to move to San Francisco and started Senpex in March 2017. 

Currently - Senpex has 1200 trusted and background checked drivers in its rolodex and operates similar to a delivery platform. After having researched rideshare and delivery companies and Platforms, he set out on his mission to make the idea of Senpex come to life. Senpex is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Additionally, Senpex is an on-demand and same day delivery that powers many of the nation’s top retailers and businesses across 5 markets and 400 cities.   The company has plans to have many big companies and government institutions like Walmart, Facebook, Stanford, Berkeley and EzCater on board using Senpex for everyday delivery needs. It has clients that include top national omnichannel retailers as well as leading e-commerce companies, local businesses and traditional parcel carriers, the team is focused exclusively on transporting goods.

Recently reached within one year, the company makes almost 1 million revenue annually. Anar tells us, “Senpex’s online ordering tool, and pre-built technology integrations make it remarkably simple for any corporate businesses and retailers to offer same day delivery. The main differentiation is we have a specific AI-based platform, simple API. Senpex API is a small piece of the code plugged into any website, buying and selling virtually anything, including food or any items related products locally delivered in your area.” 

Anar continues, “Similar to  Google Analytics API, we can track all the users, similar like that but the example is flower store, e-commerce, the person goes and buys a flower at the end if the person adds in the dropoff location, their system sends and computes the delivery fee. We plug in the delivery fee to calculate the costs of delivery. It really is an on-demand service. We are also open for new partnerships with new merchants companies, organizations, and offer revolutionary pricing..” 

Additionally, Senpex also offers logistic and last-mile delivery software as a service. It empowers businesses to manage their entire supply chain, including the internal logistics & shipping, warehouses, route-optimization automations. Specially that it was perfectly implemented in auto-parts stores and dealerships, corporate hardware companies etc. 

With plans to expand to new states, Senpex plan on having additional services here very soon.  For more information, visit:


Shazir Mucklai

Imperium Group