Leveraging New Funding, Hysolate Launches the First Isolated Workspace-as-a-Service Solution to Power the New Era of Remote-First Companies and Remote-First Security

The first-ever Isolated Workspace offering that instantly deploys locally on corporate-managed and personal endpoints, provides strong VM-based OS isolation and is fully managed from the cloud

TEL AVIV, Israel and NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hysolate, the isolated workspace innovator bridging the gap between user productivity and enterprise endpoint security, today announced the introduction of the first Isolated Workspace-as-a-Service (IWaaS) solution enabling greater worker productivity in today’s remote-first business environment. Hysolate IWaaS empowers enterprises of all sizes to instantly and securely deploy local, OS-isolated environments on user endpoints and manage them from the cloud.

This launch was fueled by a $10M funding round led by Planven, with participation from existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Innovation Endeavor and Team8, to accelerate the development and go-to-market efforts of the new solution. This latest injection of capital brings the total investment in Hysolate to $33M.

Hysolate IWaaS enables companies to protect their corporate endpoints with an isolated workspace for high-risk activities and secure corporate access from unmanaged devices with a strong, VM-based, isolated workspace. The virtual and isolated environments deployed on users’ endpoints are fully managed remotely with a robust and fine-grained set of networking, clipboard and data security policies such as access control, application management and insights across the entire workforce.

Hysolate IWaaS addresses the competing priorities of three key enterprise stakeholder groups:

  • Security teams face increasing pressure to manage significant security risks stemming from corporate access via BYODs.
  • Workforce is becoming increasingly frustrated with IT and security restrictions that severely impede their productivity.
  • IT is tasked with finding cost-effective technology solutions that spur worker productivity through a superior user experience without incurring steep back-end infrastructure costs.

Deployable at scale in minutes on endpoints, Hysolate enables remote-first companies with unprecedented productivity and security, without the IT tax.

According to a recent Team8/Hysolate CISO Security Survey, 50 percent of CISOs from Fortune 2000 companies believe that more than half of their employees will continue to work from home post-pandemic, and that fewer corporate restrictions would improve worker productivity. However, most still view restricting user productivity as the only way to keep corporate assets secure. Specifically, 60 percent quote having to restrict employees from browsing key websites needed to do their jobs, including personal email, as a needed security measure. Additionally, 70 percent restrict employees from installing applications, while 80 percent are reluctant to provide certain employees, such as developers, with administrative rights on their corporate devices.

In a new age of greater restriction, Hysolate’s IWaaS solution supports an anytime, anywhere, anyhow approach to work. IWaaS liberates employees with unfettered access to the applications and websites they need to do their jobs, without posing a security risk to the enterprise. Employees, shift workers, third-party contractors, partners and suppliers see unprecedented levels of user productivity and a superb user experience, while DevOps, security researchers and IT admins receive isolated privileged access. A propos of these times of social distancing, IWaaS operationalizes the new work-from-home reality.

“Hysolate gives control to IT and security teams to safely manage multiple isolated endpoint environments from the cloud without sacrificing worker productivity,” says Marc Gaffan, CEO, Hysolate. “We provide a personalized, trusted experience for both users and organizations that are facing tremendous challenges in today’s remote working world. I am very excited about the new funding and the release of the first-ever Workspace Isolation-as-a-Service offering.”

Hysolate Isolated Workspace-as-a-Service offering

  • Provides strong VM-based isolation
  • Enables scalable deployment on endpoints in minutes
  • Does not require installation and management of an additional OS
  • Enables the user to enjoy a native-like user experience
  • Eliminates VDI and DaaS data center costs

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About Hysolate:

Hysolate is the isolated workspace innovator, bridging the gap between enterprise endpoint security and user productivity. Hysolate is the first solution that lets you easily create isolated workspaces on corporate and non-corporate endpoints, in minutes, and manage them from the cloud. Companies use Hysolate to: (1) protect their corporate endpoints with an isolated workspace for high-risk activities, and (2) secure corporate access from unmanaged endpoints with a strong, VM-based, isolated workspace.

Hysolate is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Innovation Endeavors, Team8 and Planven Capital. For more information, visit https://www.hysolate.com or follow Hysolate on Twitter @hysolatenow.

Press Contact:

Shannon Mullins

Scratch Marketing + Media for Hysolate