Author Explores the Saving Power of Faith After Crisis in Debut Fiction Book

In ‘Diamond in the Rough,’ W. Scott Schneider takes readers on a journey into the very fabric of life to portray the wonderful unfolding of one man’s realistic path to salvation

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., Sept. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author W. Scott Schneider has published his debut novel that follows a hard-driving lawyer and father who discovers God’s mercy after a tragedy forces him to confront the emptiness of his soul and an unforgiven past. In “Diamond in the Rough: A Journey Toward Faith in the Midst of Struggle,” Schneider candidly portrays life as it is and invites readers to step into the shoes of a man in crisis whose life is forever changed by God’s unconditional love.

Set in a typically American small town on Long Island, “Diamond in the Rough” is a captivating story about life’s deepest struggles. Taylor Green is a partner in a thriving law practice, a devoted husband and father to four children, and a legendary little league coach. His talent and love for the game of baseball is an inspiration to many, but none more than his 12-year-old son, Skip. When a drastic turn of events devastates Green’s life, he becomes embittered and recluses into anger and self-pity – in the process, abandoning all he has accomplished and straining relationships with his wife and kids.

Green finds himself at an existential crossroads with faith – his arguments in support of atheism become compelling, and he challenges his wife Paula’s deeply rooted Christian beliefs. When Green crosses paths with Steve Woods, a young, unconventional pastor at Paula’s church, Green is struck by Woods’ kindness, transparency, and honest expression of the Gospel.

“‘Diamond in the Rough’ is a ‘God-gut’ inspired story that I first saw in my mind’s eye and wrote to bring hope to all people, especially those experiencing hardship, such as the pain of divorce, alcoholism, tragedy, and depression,” Schneider said. “This hope is rooted in a person’s coming to know intimately the compassion and forgiveness of God and its power to heal all matters of the heart.”

Ultimately, “Diamond in the Rough” demonstrates that God is the God not only of second chances but third and fourth ones too. Schneider’s book extends a gentle hand to both Christian and non-Christian readers and encourages them to hold on to it by forgiving others and trusting Him to help them overcome life’s challenges.

“Scott Schneider has masterfully written a novel that you will immediately identify with,” Michael Jankowski, Lead Pastor for The Harbor LI Church, wrote in a review of the book. “Each character reminds you of someone you know, and you literally feel that you are either in the bleachers watching the game or inside the deep-seated controversies this family is facing. This is a must-read book that perfectly illustrates the issues of forgiveness and redemption. Truly a Diamond in the rough!”

“Diamond in the Rough: A Journey Toward Faith in the Midst of Struggle”
By W. Scott Schneider
ISBN: 978-1-9736-9404-5 (hardcover); 978-1-9736-9402-1 (softcover); 978-1-9736-9403-8 (e-book)
Available through WestBow Press, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Amazon

About the author
W. Scott Schneider has been a practicing attorney in Long Island, N.Y., for over 30 years, where he lives with his wife, Colleen, and their daughter, Heidi. Though Schneider has published in the legal arena, “Diamond in the Rough” is his first endeavor in fiction. He is an elder at The Harbor LI Church and a board member for Long Island Teen Challenge. A father of six, Schneider enjoys coaching sports and spending time with his family. To learn more, please visit or view videos about “Diamond in the Rough” here and here.

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