YAL sues City of Dallas over cancellation of Mobilize 2020

Organization slams city leadership for hypocritical, last-minute decision to cancel major event

Dallas, Texas, Sept. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seven weeks after city leadership forced the closure of their major event, YAL has filed suit against the City of Dallas, the Dallas Convention Center Hotel Development Corporation, and Omni Hotels Management Corporation

For months, YAL had coordinated with city officials and the Omni Dallas Hotel to launch its premier event, Mobilize 2020, from August 6-8. Altogether, travel plans had been finalized for 1,400 student activists, 250 investors, and 100 legislators to gather at the hotel, having taken every public health precaution the city demanded and approved just a week earlier.

Despite YAL going to incredible lengths to accommodate the city’s public health requests, the City of Dallas and public health officials forced the hotel to cancel the event three days before its start, costing YAL nearly $200,000 in damages.

“What we are fighting against in this lawsuit is exactly the kind of underhanded, double-dealing politics the American people are sick of,” said YAL President Cliff Maloney. “The city of Dallas needs to be asked: Why are unmasked protests being allowed to occur, but peaceful YAL events are being shut down? We look forward to seeing what discovery in this case reveals about what really went on here and how decisions were made behind closed doors to shut down a perfectly safe and peaceful event.”

Maloney is available to speak with accredited media personnel. To schedule an interview, please contact YAL Director of Public Relations Reed Cooley.


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