Texas Rangers’ Wives raise $20K to kickstart new chapter and extend unique programming to young girls and women suffering mother loss in Texas

Unique program that began in Boston, MA is now expanding to Texas for girls who have experienced the loss of their mothers

BOSTON, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- empowerHER, a nonprofit organization serving girls and young women who have experienced the loss of their mothers, announced it has successfully opened the Southwest Chapter.  Thanks to the generosity and support of Jenna and Jeff Mathis along with the Texas Ranger’s Wives, more than $20Kwas raised in a Mystery Ball Sale last season to open the Chapter safely and responsibly. 

empowerHER is one of the only nonprofit organizations in the U.S. serving girls and young women of mother loss in a community-based, non-therapeutic and volunteer-driven model.  Funds raised to kickstart the Southwest Chapter will go directly to building the team and infrastructure needed to successfully replicate empowerHER programs:  EVENTS for GIRLS that remind them they are not alone in their grief and a MENTOR PROGRAM designed to build a supportive community and provide year-round support.  

With a clear and concise expansion playbook available and support from ambassadors like Jenna and Jeff Mathis and the Texas Rangers’ Wives who are eager to expand the critically important sense of community for girls who have suffered the devastating loss of their mothers, empowerHER is replicating the “playbook” they spent years creating in new communities like Dallas. 

As Jenna Mathis, Ambassador and Mentor, states, “empowerHER is near and dear to my heart. I recently lost my mother and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. The silver lining in my grief was learning to be thankful for and appreciate the time that I had with my mom for much of my life. It’s heartbreaking to imagine a young girl growing up without her mother, knowing the heartache that goes along with such a significant loss.  If I can help support the girls of empowerHER in even the smallest way, I’ll give it everything I’ve got!” 

Unlike anything else in the country, empowerHER offers programs completely free of charge to the family and rooted in a deep understanding of how it feels for a girl to lose her mother and what it will take to lift her up - to nurture and guide her - to give her hope, strength and self-confidence.

Founder Cara Belvin shares, “Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude for the strong, selfless and generous women and men who spearheaded this tremendous fundraising and awareness effort to support a community of young girls silently suffering. I formed empowerHER around my dining room table in 2013 as a family and friends’ movement when no other organization like it existed. We built scalable programs that I knew could be replicated across the country for girls in need if I could just find committed Ambassadors like Jenna. I am forever grateful to her and the Texas Rangers’ Wives for helping to make my dream a reality.”

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About empowerHER
Headquartered in Boston, MA, empowerHER’s mission is simple – to empower, support, and connect girls and young women up to age 24 who have experienced the loss of their mothers. empowerHER offers in-person and virtual EVENTS for GIRLS and a unique and one-of-a-kind MENTOR PROGRAM designed to reduce isolation and remind girls they are not alone in their grief. Events including the signature Mothers’ Day Retreat, a Beach Bash and Writing Workshops in tandem with a thoughtful one-on-one mentor program designed to provide strong female role models as they traverse the difficult terrain of grief. All programs and activities are provided at no charge to the family and programs are non-therapeutic, volunteer-driven, and community-based.

To learn more about empowerHER, visit www.empoweringher.org. Follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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Cara Belvin
empowerHER founder + CEO

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