Threekit Becomes World’s Largest Product Photography Company

Threekit Virtual Photographer™️ is on track to create over 10 million of product images this year at fraction of cost of traditional photography

CHICAGO, Sept. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Threekit, the makers of interactive product imaging software for online brands and retailers, today announced the creation of its seven millionth product image and are on track for more than ten million in 2020, just one year after launching the Threekit Virtual Photographer functionality on the Threekit platform.

Based on the same technology that powers Hollywood’s biggest CGI hits, Virtual Photographer uses proprietary layering and lighting technology to quickly and inexpensively create unlimited numbers of product photos from design files.

On track to create over ten million product photos by the end of 2020 for brands like Crate and Barrel, Tailored Brands, J Press, Kashiyama, and Lovesac, Threekit is the largest product photography company by volume in the world.

Much of this growth is driven by increased ecommerce consumption due to COVID-19, as social distancing brings more shoppers online and forces many photography studios to close or reduce hours.

“Retail was heading in this direction, but COVID-19 massively accelerated everything,” says Matt Gorniak, Threekit’s CEO. “Online shopping is changing dramatically, with greater emphasis placed on product visuals to mimic the in-person shopping experience. At Threekit, we get brands there before the competition.”

Even before COVID-19, demand for product imagery was growing. In 2016, the average online shopper expected no more than three images per product. In 2019, the number grew to eight. Meeting this demand is a huge challenge due to cost and complexity.

Traditional product photography can cost $300 per product, and for product categories where items can be configured in many ways, such as furniture, fashion, or manufacturing, the number of photos required to capture a full product line can easily number into the tens of thousands.

With Threekit Virtual Photographer, customers can create unlimited numbers of product photos with different colors, textures, fabrics, and angles at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional photography.

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About Threekit

Threekit is the only software platform that enables companies to create 3D, photorealistic images, and augmented reality without the need for photography. When buyers see products represented realistically, they are more engaged, confident, and less likely to make a return.

Using technology developed by 17 years of experience creating visual effects for blockbuster films, Threekit’s platform creates 2D, 3D, and AR visual assets, and allows those assets to be sent to stores in just a few clicks.

In April, Threekit rolled out its latest product, configurable augmented reality, which allows shoppers to see and customize millions of product variations in AR. In August, the company launched its flagship product, Virtual Photographer™, a program that creates product images for eCommerce that look real but are completely computer-rendered. Threekit is headquartered in Chicago with a technology innovation center in Ottawa.

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