Business Leader Takes Deep-Dive to Help Others Discover Their Purpose in New Book "Moments of Focus"

Helping readers thrive in their purpose, successful business leader creates guide to improve life and business ventures.

LOS ANGELES, CA, Oct. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just one moment can change your life when you use it to grow closer to God. 

“Moments of Focus: A Weekly Devotional, Journal & Bible Study Leader’s Support Guide” by BeNeca Griffin is an essential guide to finding and/or thriving in one’s God-given purpose while building a closer relationship with God in one year. Readers are provided with an understanding of how the Word of God and His Will applies to their lives personally. The book helps draw parallels between many things that God said centuries ago and what He is saying today.


Whether readers are new to faith and looking for a jumpstart in their relationship with God or are more grounded in their connection to Him, this book will bring them closer to God by enhancing their conversations, highlighting the new and exciting directives that He has for them and uncovering those things that they need to change.  The journal helps readers empty their thoughts into their conversations with God effectively and allows them to connect and create personal action plans that can invoke movement in their lives instantly.


Griffin felt compelled to write “Moments of Focus” after God shared 52 moments with her, giving her clarity on how His word applied to her life.  Every week, they served as a guided tour that helped her get through the week with direction. These moments taught her about the consistency of His Word and have been the foundation of her success.


“I believe that God will use these Moments of Focus to help you set the framework for connecting with many areas of His Word and deepen your relationship with Him through your conversations in journaling and guided prayer,” Griffin said. “Such a deep read in a time where the social climate, or any climate at that - can be disturbing to your heart, soul, and mind. Additionally, we are in quarantine… this read brings into FOCUS those things that matter,” a reviewer wrote about the book.


People are seeking to find comfort in knowing they are not alone in the solitude, loss, and disarray that COVID-19 has presented. Griffin’s work is being used as a tool to provide moments of direction and motivation for readers to help them discover and/or thrive within their purpose and grow with God. 

“Moments of Focus: A Weekly Devotional, Journal & Bible Study Leader’s Support Guide”

By BeNeca Griffin

ISBN: 9781973695127 (softcover); 9781973695134 (hardcover); 9781973695110 (electronic)

Available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble


About the author

BeNeca Griffin is a Christian Author, International Speaker, and Branding Specialist who is active in spreading the word of God. As a Branding Specialist, she works with Fortune 100/500 companies, seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, universities, young adults, and high school students to help them develop their thumbprint in the business of their life’s purpose. Her company, Moments of Focus LLC, is centered on developing purpose-driven content, services, and products. She was recognized by the White House in 2010 as a Community Leader. Her book “3rd Generation Country, a Practical Guide to Raising Children with Great Values” was nominated for an NAACP Image Award. Griffin also served as an instructor at the Center for Executive Development at UC San Diego's Rady School of Management & was nominated for the Los Angeles Black Business Leaders Hall of Fame. To learn more, please visit or

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