Westpay AB, a leading fintech company, is taking the next step in broadening its footprint on the Nordic payment market. This expansion of the business model builds on Westpay’s already successful market offering. The improved go-to-market strategy will include strategic partnerships with leading point-of-sales (POS) Suppliers.

When we looked at Westpay from an outside-in perspective, it became clear that we are a powerful and wanted supplier for medium to large-sized merchants. They value our benefits and enjoy the innovation that you associate with Westpay. But the insights also        told us that we need to simplify for these customers how to get access to our technology. This objective can only be reached by integrating ourselves further with leading POS providers. So, by offering a business model that supports all stakeholders, combined with      our product and service portfolio, we aim for the number one position as a payment solution provider in the Nordics. I am looking forward to shortly share news about new strategic partnerships, says Sten Karlsson, CEO at Westpay.

- We see the demand for alternative payment methods increasing. Some of them will last, some will not. In this reality, merchants need to know that they can add, or remove payment methods in a pragmatic and simple manner. With this improved strategy, more        merchants will get instant access to Westpay’s portfolio. The time between the first call to a payment solution up and running will be significantly less than before, says Hans Edin, CCO at Westpay.


For additional information, please contact:

Sten Karlsson, CEO Westpay AB
Mobile: +46 70-555 6065
Email: sten.karlsson@westpay.se

Hans Edin, CCO Westpay AB
Mobile: +46 70-688 02 05
Email: hans.edin@westpay.se

Westpay’s Certified Adviser is Erik Penser Bank,
phone: +46 8-463 80 00, email: certifiedadviser@penser.se



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