Installation of Healthe’s® groundbreaking sanitizing solutions affords a safer restaurant experience for diners and staff

Kohler, WI, Oct. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery is the first restaurant in the United States to install Far-UVC 222 light technology to provide real-time mitigation of harmful pathogens and viruses. State-of-the-art sanitization solutions, developed by Melbourne, Fla. based Healthe Inc., will be installed at key locations throughout the restaurant in mid-October. Far-UVC 222 light technology provides an additional layer of critical protection for staff and guests--along with the other safety initiatives already in place throughout the property. 

“Of utmost importance to us is that we provide a safe environment so our guests and employees have the opportunity to feel a sense of normalcy and well-being that has been shaken by COVID-19,” said Thomas Nye, General Manager and Master Winemaker, The Blind Horse. "Real time mitigation of the virus has been our goal since this crisis began. The suite of safety protocols and technology that we are installing is extensive and unprecedented in our industry. Our customers have come to expect The Blind Horse to be a leader, and we are proud to be at the forefront in utilizing this technology in the restaurant and winery industry."   

Since the onset of the pandemic, Nye has spent countless hours researching innovative sanitization solutions. This led him to Healthe’s product portfolio, which is the most recent addition to The Blind Horse’s curated suite of sanitation solutions and cleaning programs. Healthe’s innovative sanitization solutions utilize UVA, UVC and Far-UVC 222 light to sanitize indoor environments by deactivating airborne and surface contaminants. Significantly, Healthe’s solutions can be safely operated in occupied spaces. 

"I'm excited to see new technology being installed at The Blind Horse that can be a potential shining light to an industry that is suffering right now.  It's impressive that The Blind Horse has invested in such groundbreaking technology in Sheboygan County to help keep our citizens safe," said Dave Roettger, Health Inspector, Sheboygan County.

The Blind Horse will install Healthe Space™, formerly known as Cleanse Downlight, throughout the dining and bar areas of the restaurant and adjacent Granary building. Space is a ceiling-mounted light that produces a combination of general illumination and Far-UVC 222 sanitizing light to clean air and surfaces. Space replaces traditional downlight cans and can be easily retrofitted into existing standard 6” housings. The Blind Horse is installing 18 Healthe Space lights throughout the property.

“As we continue to ramp up deployment of our sanitizing solutions, we are proud to partner with the premier dining venue, The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery,” said Healthe Executive Chairman Abe Morris. “The hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard by this pandemic. Our solutions ensure that restaurants such as The Blind Horse can continue to provide the services and experience that customers expect while navigating ongoing operational challenges, including transitioning seating indoors as colder weather approaches.” 

“We are excited to deploy this technology and to obtain the added peace of mind it will provide. The installation comes at an especially critical time for restaurants in the Midwest and throughout the country as outdoor dining ceases to be a viable option and diners head indoors," said Nye. 

A growing library of evidence and peer-reviewed papers demonstrate that Far-UVC 222 is as effective or more effective than conventional UVC light at inactivating pathogens including viruses and bacteria. The most recent and compelling study, published in June of this year by researchers at Columbia University, is a powerful testament to the technology’s safety and efficacy, including against coronaviruses. As one of the world’s leading UVC researchers noted, Far-UVC 222 nm light “can be safely used in occupied public spaces … [and] it kills pathogens in the air before we can breathe them in.”

The Blind Horse has experienced minimal impact on overall business due its strides in safety. In fact, throughout the pandemic, business at The Blind Horse has been unaffected and at times has seen an increase in business.

“The Blind Horse is exhausting all procedures, products and processes to create a safer hospitality experience and to lessen the impact of our current climate,” said Nye. “Everyone is seeking a positive way forward to inspire our struggling industry. The cost, especially for a small business, is daunting. Our customers and staff appreciate all the time, money and effort to create a safer environment.”

In addition to the recent installation of Healthe products, the business has added and implemented the following activations that exceed CDC guidelines:

- Additional real-time mitigation support on property with the installation of two BigAssFans Clean Air System (

- Shock & Shield Protection Program by Green Up Solutions ( of Milwaukee, Wis., incorporating ultraviolet light treatment and antimicrobial protection 90-day treatment plan (third application set for November). 

- Nightly ozone treatment of all indoor spaces.

- Operating indoor air filters.

- Increased outdoor seating capacity on the property's expansive outdoor landscape and adding pop-up tents (available for by reservation).

- Servers will be wearing copper woven masks providing another layer of antimicrobial protection for customers and employees.

- Staff are participating in ServSafe’s COVID-19 training.

"The Blind Horse is flourishing largely in part to their innovative, enhanced safety measures," said Bob Moeller, Owner of The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery. "The totality of which have helped tremendously in combating pandemic-related blows that have desperately hurt the restaurant, winery and hospitality industries."  

To stay up-to-date with The Blind Horse happenings, events and news visit or via social media on Facebook at /TheBlindHorseWinery and Instagram at @theblindhorse. For more information and reservations call 920-467-8599.

About Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery
The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery is located on seven beautifully landscaped acres at 6018 Superior Ave., Kohler, Wis. Food and wine are the catalyst for a one-of-a-kind experience at The Blind Horse with its Napa Valley Style winery and charming restaurant with rustic elegance. More information, including hours of operation, menus, events, and live music schedule can be found at the and on Facebook keyword- The Blind Horse.

About The General Manager & Winemaker Tom Nye
Tom Nye embraces a minimalist style of winemaking, enabling the natural qualities of the fruit to shine in the finished wine. A winemaker for 12 years, he is known for his elegant and sophisticated winemaking style. Tom brings a philosophy of “making wine in the field” by searching out the best vineyards and working with viticulturists to produce a great selection of wines at a value conscious price point. It is this direct relationship with the growers in California and Washington State that is key to producing award winning wines.

About Healthe
Healthe is the technology leader in developing and deploying sanitization, circadian and biological lighting solutions that inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces, regulate the body’s internal clock, boost performance and enhance sleep. Its mission is to harness the power of light to create a safer, more productive, and healthier environment.  Learn more at and on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram


The Blind Horse Becomes the First Restaurant in the United States to Install Healthe's Far-UVC Light Technology for Real-Time Virus Mitigation and Indoor Sanitization

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