John Banner recounts his journey in ‘The Adventures of my Life’

Author shares a personal account of his experiences with mental illness and in psych hospitals

GLOUCESTER, Mass., Oct. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Writing with openness and a mix of humor, author John Banner gives a glimpse of the inner world of psych hospitals and his journey to a godly lifestyle in his autobiography, “The Adventures of my Life” (published by AuthorHouse).


This book takes readers on a thrilling roller coaster ride as the author recounts his life experiences, from his early dependency to alcohol and drugs, his partying days, his conversion into Christ, his struggles with psychological problems and his fight with several cancers. Here, Banner talks about all the cars he owned and the jobs he did. He also shares his sexual affair with his girlfriend and his trip to Israel, which led him to the Lord.


The story then proceeds with Banner’s mental health problems and psych hospital visitations, as well as his beautiful apartment at “the fort” and his suicide attempt. The author details his seven-month commitment to three different psych hospitals, giving a harrowing tale of what goes on in these places that the outside world has no idea of. He narrates how he became a cancer survivor from having thyroid cancer, skin cancer, and most recently, neck cancer. The book concludes with Banner having a new start at life in W. Gloucester.


“These are all true stories,” the author asserts. “It’s a good read, with many hilarious escapades.”


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“The Adventures of my Life”

By John Banner

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 202 pages | ISBN 9781728366012

E-Book | 202 pages | ISBN 9781728366029

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

John Banner was born in Laredo, Texas, to military parents. He lived in New York, New Jersey and a beautiful farmhouse in Pennsylvania. When his parents got divorced, Banner went with his father to Kentucky. He did many drugs there, with marijuana being his drug of choice. When he graduated high school, he moved to be with his mother and siblings. After his partying days were done, Banner came to faith in Christ. After many ups and downs of cocaine addiction, he succumbed to mental illness and had to be hospitalized on many occasions. He eventually tried suicide and had to go to three different psych hospitals for seven months. Banner finally was released and went to a respite house for five months. He lost the entire 52-year of his life. He now lives in a nice apartment in W. Gloucester.

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