Trainerize Launches New On-demand and Live Video Coaching Features, Empowers Personal Trainers and Clubs to Lead the Next Wave of Digital Fitness

Video coaching features keep human connection at the heart of online training, proving a must-have for fitness businesses during the pandemic and beyond

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the leading client engagement app for personal trainers, studios, and clubs, Trainerize is upping the virtual training game with two all-new video features: on-demand video workouts and live 1-on-1 video call appointments.

In the face of gym closures in early 2020, Trainerize moved the fitness industry online, setting up trainers and gyms to train clients and engage members remotely. As the pandemic continues, fitness businesses need to continue to evolve to ensure long-term success, and Trainerize will be there to help make that happen.

With all-new video training features, Trainerize continues to elevate the human connection central to the platform and emphasize their focus on client engagement. Trainers can now provide video training, on-demand classes, and one-on-one video calls within the Trainerize ecosystem.

These new video features offer the most human experience possible, says Trainerize co-founder and Managing Director, Sharad Mohan. “To me, video is the most engaging medium available beyond face-to-face interactions. For us, the relationship between a trainer and their client, and the personalization, accountability, and motivation it enables, is a crucial part of a successful fitness journey.” With these new features, trainers and coaches can provide face-to-face interactions to their clients, safely and conveniently.

On-demand video workouts

With on-demand video workouts, Trainers and studios can transform their clients’ fitness routines by building libraries of video content—accessible by paying clients anytime, anywhere. Perfect for instructor-led workouts or classes, clients get to feel like their trainer is right there with them, whether they’re at the gym or working out in their living room.

For trainers looking to build on-demand, subscription-style business models, on-demand video will power a self-selecting experience for their clientele. The client can browse through the trainer’s offering and choose the workout that appeals most to them.

1-on-1 live video call appointments

Thanks to 1-on-1 video call appointments, trainers can move consultations and assessments to a virtual format, allowing convenient, efficient check-ins that keep trainers and clients connected. This feature also enables 1-on-1 video coaching sessions. Remote sessions, where clients can receive personalized instructions and real-time feedback, will drive accountability and spark motivation. Video calls are hosted in-app, removing the need for another software, accessible from phone, tablet, and desktop.

Monetizing video training

While these new features will undoubtedly shake up online programs, they’ll also change the way trainers and studios structure their businesses and monetize services, providing a new source of revenue. As the industry continues to reel from the impacts of COVID-19, these new monetization tactics are critical.

Video features can be monetized in a variety of ways, including:

  • Integrating video into training programs - leveling up to offer robust, full-service programs for training, nutrition, and habit coaching
  • Offering one-on-one calls and video library access as an add-on to existing packages - providing upsell and value-add sales to clients
  • Selling video subscriptions independently, through recurring digital memberships or one-time purchases - enabling trainers to compete with subscription-based industry heavyweights like SWEAT and Peloton

With the release of video workouts and video calls, Trainerize is empowering its community of more than 150,000 fitness professionals—and the 100s of thousands beyond—to open the doors to their own digital studio. Video, both for live 1-1 calls and for on-demand libraries, provide clients and members with an engaging and personalized training experience that fits into their lifestyles.

As consumer demands evolve, Trainerize video features enable the training community to evolve as well—bringing variety to training programs, building the trainer-client relationships, and diversifying revenue streams. Trainerize trainers can now level up their fitness businesses with new video offerings, ideal for the current fitness climate and for the future of fitness.

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Trainerize is a client engagement mobile app and software that allows fitness businesses and fitness professionals to expand their reach beyond their physical spaces, better connect with clientele, build meaningful relationships, and digitize the training experience. Fitness businesses use Trainerize to boost member engagement through digital services as well as attracting new members by tapping into the market of online training. Learn more about Trainerize.

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