Book of Genesis and Carbon Cycle Align in Michael Meyer’s Debut Theological Publication

“Michael Meyer with the End of the Age: The Lord, the Carbon Cycle and Early Man” by Michael James Meyer uncovers a mathematical formula for deciphering the Bible and Bible prophecy

Austin, MN, Oct. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The word of God is the ultimate truth, but false propaganda, inaccurate teachings, and questionable theories leave Christians misinformed of Bible prophecy and the impending second coming.


Journeying through Biblical history, Meyer explains the true timeline and length of God’s creation days using a formula that coincides with the carbon cycle and global warming. This revolutionary scientific thought aligns seamlessly with many stories in the Bible and provides the framework to dispel ancient evolution theory. Using Biblical numerology and a renewed timeline, Meyer explains the message behind the three large pyramids on the Giza Plateau and the Sphinx, helps readers understand the lost land of Atlantis, and highlights the reason for Coronavirus.


In fifth grade, Meyer had an innate ability to solve problems and did so with an exceptionally high IQ. When asked by adults to interpret difficult prophetic Biblical passages, Meyer shed new light on His word with ease, relaying His text to curious adults in an approachable way. His interest in God’s word was reignited in college when he realized he had a knack for understanding Biblical content; however, it wasn’t until Meyer was 30 that he realized his prophetic gift and was able to dispel any inaccurate propaganda about Christianity and the Bible as God intended him to.


He has worked tirelessly to make sense of God’s creation days, and when he concluded many dates in the Bible align with the carbon cycle, His writings burst into color. Meyer has compiled this information for readers to take at face value or dive deeper into while researching on their own. Providing the tools for others to determine what comes next has been a calling from God Himself, and Meyer hopes readers will take the next steps into their own hands.


“There is much prophetic propaganda pushed, even sometimes by so-called Christian giants, that is not correct. It is being used to deceive the public in the last days. This book will give them the knowledge to determine the truth on their own,” Meyer said.


Many people are seeking to make sense of today’s chaotic world. Turning to the Bible would be one’s first choice, but with so many interpretations of His word and gaps in the Bible’s timelines, many find themselves lost and confused. Keeping those seeking solace in His writings from falling for false propaganda, “Michael Meyer with the End of the Age” creates one clear picture of God’s word and world as he intended. Additionally, the time of year for Meyer’s book’s release is significant. Meyer tells the reader that Jesus was born in the fall and explains how he knows Jesus was not born on December 25th, the day we celebrate Him. Meyer said, “Fall teaches us that we no longer need to be afraid of Halloween, but that we truly have so much to give ‘Thanksgiving’ for!”


“Michael Meyer with the End of the Age: The Lord, the Carbon Cycle and Early Man”

By Michael James Meyer

ISBN: 9781489728180 (softcover); 9781489728197 (hardcover); 9781489728173 (electronic)

Available at the LifeRich Publishing Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Michael James Meyer first read the Bible during his senior year of college at the University of Minnesota. After graduating with a degree in aerospace engineering, with the Bible still in his mind and heart, he took some MBA classes at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, while working as a technical analyst for five years. When he was 38, the Lord directed Meyer to do the Inste Global Bible College (IGBC) program. He received high marks and passed the written licensing test to become a pastor but has never served as one. Meyer currently resides in Austin, Minnesota.


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