55 BCDLite Solution Positions GLOBALFOUNDRIES for Continued Leadership in Audio Amplifiers for Mobile Devices

With more than 3 billion units shipped, GF’s 55 BCDLite solution is featured in five of seven of today’s leading top-tier premium smartphones

Singapore, Nov. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®), the world’s leading specialty foundry, announced at its Global Technology Conference (GTC) Asia event that it has shipped more than 3 billion units of its 55 BCDLite® specialized semiconductor solution, which is found in five of the seven leading top-tier smartphones currently on the market.

Built on GF’s proven 55nm platform, the 55 BCDLite specialty solution is optimized to provide superior audio amplifier performance for mobile audio applications across a range of voltages, from 0.9V to 30V. With its finely tuned combination of low-power logic, best-in-class low drain-source on resistance, and advanced power monitoring, the 55 BCDLite solution offers outstanding audio quality as well as longer battery life, integration and area efficiency, and embedded memory features.

BCDLite has been in volume production since Q4 2018, and is manufactured at both GF’s Fab 1 in Dresden, Germany, and GF’s Fab 7 in Singapore.

“The global smartphone market continues to give consumers exciting new form factors and continued innovations in audio and haptic user experiences,” said Jason Rhode, CEO of Cirrus Logic. “GlobalFoundries has been a great partner for Cirrus Logic for many years and their continued innovation in 55 BCDLite positions us for even greater growth and success in the years ahead.”

“So much of what you love about your smartphone – great sound, sharp display, reliable connectivity, and more – is enabled by GlobalFoundries silicon. We are the clear leader in specialty semiconductor solutions for the mobile phone market,” said Dr. Bami Bastani, senior vice president of Mobile and Wireless Infrastructure at GF. “Our 55 BCDLite solution, with its rich offering of features optimized specifically to address the requirements of mobile audio, is accelerating this leadership. We are pleased to be a longtime partner of a company as innovative and dynamic as Cirrus Logic, and we look forward to working with them to stay at the cutting edge of mobile audio.”

In addition to audio amplifiers, GF customers are leveraging the performance, and small size of 55 BCDLite for other power management applications including cellular and wi-fi power amplifiers, interface and authentication for battery charging, audio haptics, and more.

GF’s most advanced analog and power solution, 55 BCDLite builds upon the proven success of GF’s 180 UHV, 180 BCDLite, 130 BCD, and 130 BCDLite offerings. Each of these solutions enables effective product development with cost-effective integration of diverse functionality and best-in-class power devices across a wide range of operating voltages, with a robust IP ecosystem and wide range of available post-fab turnkey services.

Learn more about GF’s 55 BCDLite solution here. Learn more about all of GF’s analog and power solutions here.

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GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) is the world’s leading specialty foundry. GF delivers differentiated feature-rich solutions that enable its customers to develop innovative products for high-growth market segments. GF provides a broad range of platforms and features with a unique mix of design, development and fabrication services. With an at-scale manufacturing footprint spanning the U.S., Europe and Asia, GF has the flexibility and agility to meet the dynamic needs of customers across the globe. GF is owned by Mubadala Investment Company. For more information, visit www.globalfoundries.com.



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