Hispanics in Philanthropy’s Statement on President-elect Joe Biden’s Victory

Washington, DC, Nov. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Joe Biden has met the threshold of 270 electoral college votes to secure the Presidential seat. Ana Marie Argilagos, President and CEO of Hispanics in Philanthropy, issued the following statement:

“Latinxs, alongside Black, Indigenous, working-class voters in the U.S. changed the political landscape with the power of our voice in this historic year.  A record two-thirds of the eligible Latinxs came to the polls, making it about 8 million more than 2016 Latinxs in 2020 who exercised their right to vote. 

“Despite the barriers of this election season including day-long lines, securing safe in-person spaces, and misperceptions of our voting system, our faith in the foundation of our democracy has not waivered. We have shown up to vote for the thousands of children separated from their loved ones, for those many more mourning under the shadow of this pandemic, those grappling to keep a roof over their head and food on the table, and for the countless Latinx small businesses who have closed. 

“Together, we defended the right to feel safe in our homes, with our families, in neighborhoods that work to protect our children from the racist and xenophobic policies that trickled into our backyards. From HIP’s board of directors to our members, staff, and grantees, we share a common vision of leveraging philanthropy to increase leadership, influence, and equity for Latinxs in the U.S. and beyond. The President-elect has the opportunity to join us and listen to the pulse of what communities need right now.

“Voters have done their job to decide who will represent our values as a country and must advocate for a peaceful transition. One that makes sure that the policies enacted for our people are crafted by our people. Our representation is critical in the presidential cabinet and across all areas of the administration. There is still plenty of work ahead to build a democracy that works for all of us.”


Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) is on a mission to strengthen Latino leadership, influence, and equity by leveraging philanthropic resources, and doing so with an unwavering focus on social justice and shared prosperity across the Americas. As the leader of a transnational network of foundations, donors, and nonprofits, we are making impactful investments in the Latino community and developing our leaders so they can effectively address the most pressing issues impacting communities in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean. Follow HIP on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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