A war veteran looks back at the horrors of the Vietnam War and how God’s power and grace helped him survive and return home

Carlston “Ray” Jackson announces the release of ‘God’s Glorious Grace’

CHESAPEAKE, Va., Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Carlston "Ray" Jackson came home to his parents and sibling after being away for about four years in the Job Corps and the U.S. Army. Many things happened to him in the war, and he was not the same person he had been when he left home as he traveled across many hills and valleys of life with post-traumatic stress disorder. He has now lived his journey of life for 69 years and shares his story with others about “God's Glorious Grace” (published by Balboa Press).


Jackson was a young man who wants a good life. When he turned 16 years old, he realized that he did not have a plan for his life. He joined the Job Corps and then the army, and in 1970, he went to Vietnam. When he came back home, his thinking had changed because he was still living in the war in Vietnam. He could not communicate with his family the way he had done before he went into the military.  He was mentally unstable — a result of the war. He has been in therapy for PTSD for 37 years at VA hospitals and community veterans’ centers. Now, his lifelong mission is to help others realize that they are not alone because their families love them by sharing the highlights of his life story and God’s glorious grace.


“As I looked over my life, many years after I came back from the Vietnam War in 1971, I realized that God was the only reason I had come back from the war. I was hospitalized while in Vietnam and was physically dead, and my spirit was in eternal darkness — Vietnam — and I heard a voice say to me, ‘Go back, and help people,’” Jackson says. He adds, “The more we help ourselves, the more help we can offer our families to overcome their secondary traumatic stress, which results from our PTSD.”


When asked what he wants readers to take away from his writing of this book, Jackson replies, “I am telling the highlights of my story of God and the war, and I am writing to help, and I pray you or someone else will help a veteran or his family member. As you read my life story, you will see that God is with us all the time in our everyday journeys.” For more details about the book, please visit https://www.balboapress.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/819909-gods-glorious-grace


“God's Glorious Grace”

By Carlston "Ray" Jackson

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 170 pages | ISBN 9781982257446

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 170 pages | ISBN 9781982257422

E-Book | 170 pages | ISBN 9781982257439

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Carlston "Ray" Jackson joined the U.S. Army at age 17 and went to serve in Vietnam two years later. He has enjoyed God’s grace while living with PTSD. He did not find the true and living God in a building. but in his heart — and God created a personal relationship with him.

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