Trainerize Delivers a 360° Approach to Online Lifestyle Coaching with New Habits Feature

Trainers and fitness businesses can now influence daily habits to drive long-term behavior change

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trainerize users can now transform the way their clients engage with training plans through a 360° approach to coaching. By offering fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching, trainers enable daily engagement and stronger relationships.

With habits, trainers and fitness businesses can have a bigger impact on clients and members than ever before—transforming the way they engage. Habit types like activity, sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness help trainers holistically influence client decisions. Implementing healthy habits—small, sustainable lifestyle changes—will engage and motivate clients, readying them to achieve better long-term results, both for overall wellness and for fitness.

In early 2020, as lockdowns were implemented and fitness activities plummeted, beta users of Habits saw a consumer commitment to daily actions—engagement levels have remained consistent with pre-COVID numbers throughout the pandemic. Habit Coaching provides daily motivation to build healthy habits, seven days a week—readying them for long-term results.

“Habits are the differentiating factor for trainers to retain clients long term,” says Sharad Mohan, Managing Director of Trainerize. “No matter what’s happening in the world, habits provide those daily interactions that are so valuable to building stronger relationships between coaches and clients, which means better training results.”

Small lifestyle changes make big results. Quick access, easy tracking, and automatic reminders turn healthy choices into healthy habits.

Easy adoption with Master Habits. Simple habit coaching adoption makes it easier for trainers to assign and organize habits.

Healthy habits, on the go. Coaches can influence clients to make healthy decisions in real time via mobile and Apple Watch.

Increased and diversified revenue. Fitness businesses can broaden service offerings, diversify revenue streams, and reach new clients.

Broader reach for Trainerize. Non-fitness coaches can now join the online training space—and earn 7-day-a-week client engagement.

With Habits, Trainerize continues on its mission to make fitness accessible, offering easy, convenient, repeatable training programs. Through habit coaching, both Trainerize and its customers will have a bigger impact on fitness, wellness, and healthy choices.

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