SendtoNews Digital Video Leadership Series to Focus on Helping Publishers Grow Revenue and User Experience

Digital Video leaders and insiders will help digital publishers with their 2021 strategy

NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SendtoNews (STN), North America's largest independent Online Video Platform, today announced the Digital Video Leadership Series to be held November 16-19. Attendees will hear speakers from Condé Nast, NFL, SpotX, Oracle, Tribune Publishing and more discuss ways for publishers to thrive with digital video in 2021.

The live virtual event will be free to attend and feature a series of 4 one-hour panel events, bringing together leaders from the digital video industry for thought provoking discussions on the future of digital video to help publishers optimize user experience, and increase traffic and revenue in 2021. Sessions will focus on contextual relevance, digital video best practices, quality content, and industry trends and predictions, and leave time for questions.

“This year we saw an all-time high of online video consumption,” says Matthew Watson, CEO, SendtoNews. “Now is the time for digital publishers to capitalize on this opportunity by optimizing user experience, engagement and revenue. The Digital Video Leadership Series will be a unique and valuable event designed to help publishers thrive in 2021.”

Sessions will be held at 11 am EST and include:

November 16 - Contextual Relevance for Digital Publishers featuring:

  • Richie Hyden, COO, IRIS.TV
  • Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer, Condé Nast
  • Ryan McBride, Head of Product Strategy, Oracle

November 17 - How Leading Digital Publishers are Leveraging Video featuring:

  • Colin McMahon, Chief Content Officer, Tribune Publishing
  • Jim Prather, Executive Director, Digital Programming, Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Karen Brophy, President, Digital - Nexstar Media Group

November 18 - Why Focusing on Quality Digital Video Content will Help Increase Metrics and Maximize Revenue, featuring:

  • Blake Stuchin, VP Digital Media Business Development, NFL
  • Matt Kaplan, VP Brand Partnerships, Cheddar
  • Craig Sloan, EVP, Home Team Sports

November 19 - A Digital Video Industry Insiders Perspective on What to Expect for 2021, featuring:

  • Kelly McMahon, SVP Global Operations, SpotX
  • Max Willens, Senior Editor, Digiday
  • Peter Scott, VP Emerging Media and Innovation, WarnerMedia

For additional information and details on how to register, please visit

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