Author’s Memoir Teaches Readers Not to Judge a Book by its cover, or a Person by their Upbringing

“Ask Grandpaw” by Hank Visser is a memoir that explores the importance of persistence in the face of adversity

Lake Ann, MI, Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fast cars, farming, and faith all played a role in Hank Visser’s youth, but his upbringing wasn’t all that meets the eye. Visser’s memoir, “Ask Grandpaw” is the story of an underdog, or in this case, Hank and his eight siblings, all starting with nothing and their journeys to creating lives they can be proud of.  


Visser’s mother worked in a factory and was the primary breadwinner for their family, though Visser’s father had an arguably more chaotic job raising nine children- the firstborn in 1936 and the youngest born in 1954, all of whom are still alive today.


With little money, there was a constant stream of life lessons, most of which were learned out in the garden when the children worked for their meals.  As time marched on and the children grew older, Visser did ceramic tile work and was able to afford an antique car. A classic ride that demanded the spotlight when it outran state police on what would have otherwise been a quiet evening.  


“The importance of this book is for people to realize when you look at a stranger you can’t tell, without discussion, what kind of life brought that person to where they are now,” Visser said.


From humble beginnings to racing antique cars, Visser’s experience highlights the message that it does not matter where someone comes from, so long as they work hard and are a good person, they will end up exactly where they are meant to be. In this unprecedented time COVID-19 has prompted, losing everything is a harsh reality many people can relate to. Visser’s story will inspire those to push forward in the face of adversity and know there is always something better on the horizon.


“Ask Grandpaw”

By Hank Visser

ISBN: 9781489729774 (softcover); 9781489729767 (hardcover); 9781489729781 (electronic)

Available at the LifeRich Publishing Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Hank Visser grew up in a large family with no luxury in the Grand Rapids area. Before becoming a tile setter by trade for over 60 years, Visser graduated from Caledonia Rural Agricultural Schools in 1958. Visser is an admirer of Dolly Parton, a loving father, grandfather, and great grandfather. He currently resides in Lake Ann, Michigan.




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