Anti-Racism Book Echoes the Black Lives Matter Movement and Dives into the United States’ History of Systemic Racism

Chris Valentine releases ‘A (very brief) History of Systemic Racism’ encouraging readers to learn and understand racism and join the fight against inequality

SANTA CLARITA, Calif., Nov. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Racism, a deep-seated issue within the United States, is still proving to be a threat to U.S. citizens and their civil liberties. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement and extraordinary Black authors such as Patrisse Cullors and Ibram X. Kendi, author Chris Valentine has published his debut historical book, “A (very brief) History of Systemic Racism: A Glimpse into Oppression, Inequity, and Inequality of Black People in the United States of America.” This educational resource looks at hundreds of years of institutional and structural racism, breaking it down into a concise series of events, laws, restrictions, policies and practices that have led the United States of America to where it is today. 

With the help of two BIPOC, illustrations by 15-year old Joel Perez and foreword by Dr. CheyOnna Sewell, Ph.D., Valentine explains how racism is a non-partisan issue that continually proves to be a problem for many people of color throughout the United States’ history. The book presents historical facts about how racism has been built into the foundation of this country from employment to housing and education to criminal justice. Valentine fosters that the journey toward anti-racism begins by educating and understanding the history of oppression, inequity and inequality of marginalized and underrepresented people in the United States.

Valentine believes it important to listen and teach others using facts and data rather than presuming to know the emotions of the oppressed people who are experiencing discrimination. This book serves as an introduction to a variety of the different systems of oppression with the hopes that people will use its easy-to-follow format to begin their educational journey about systemic racism and ultimately continue learning and listening from other resources. Valentine hopes this book will spark conversation and get more anti-racist allies to join the fight against inequality.

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“A (very brief) History of Systemic Racism: A Glimpse into Oppression, Inequity, and Inequality of Black People in the United States of America”

By Chris Valentine

ISBN: 9781665500081 (softcover); 9781665500098 (electronic)

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse

About the author

As a data analyst by day and artist by night Chris Valentine has a unique ability to take overwhelming amounts of information and break it down into small bits that fit nicely together to tell a complete story. He cares deeply about fighting discrimination based on peoples’ fundamental essence. Valentine is a cis-gender, white, gay man who is heartbroken, angry and sick over the inequities perpetrated against people every day. As he continues his anti-racist journey, he hopes to help others start or continue their journeys too. To learn more, please visit Valentine’s Instagram or Facebook.

About the author of the foreword

Dr. CheyOnna Sewell, Ph.D., is a Black, queer, femme, mother, and teacher with a Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She teaches criminology specifically around race and gender. Dr. Sewell is also the co-founder of The Yarn Mission, a "collective that knits for Black Liberation" through centering Black folx, being a Black-led organization, supporting Black creators, fundraising for their community and fighting for marginalized groups and individuals.

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