Mikael Ronström, founder of NDB Cluster, joins Logical Clocks as Head of Data

Mikael Ronström is the inventor and lead developer of NDB Cluster, an open-source distributed database underlying the MySQL Cluster platform.

Stockholm, Sweden, Nov. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Logical Clocks, the Swedish company behind the world’s first Enterprise Feature Store for Machine Learning, today announces that Mikael Ronström joins the company as Head of Data. This is a new role supporting the company’s expansion as an independent, fully end-to-end machine learning service provider.

Mikael is the inventor and lead developer of NDB Cluster, an open-source distributed database underlying the MySQL Cluster platform. Prior to joining Logical Clocks, Mikael had an instrumental role in the development of both MySQL Cluster and the MySQL Server platforms. MySQL was founded in Sweden and it is currently owned by the Oracle Corporation.
“Mikael is a world-renowned database expert whose PhD began the journey of NDB Cluster - first at Ericsson, then to MySQL, and Oracle, where it now powers many of the world’s most challenging real-time and high availability applications. Having Mikael in our team is a strategic move to make us fully independent, developing all the services in the Hopsworks platform, enabling us to provide an unified data platform for our customers,” said Jim Dowling, CEO at Logical Clocks.

NDB is the key technology underpinning Logical Clocks’ Hopsworks platform, including the HopsFS file system and Hopsworks Feature Store. Logical Clocks enables users to easily install and operate NDB as a managed cloud platform as part of the Hopsworks infrastructure. NDB Cluster has established a reputation for being a highly available database with low latency and high throughput, accessible as open source for over 20 years.

“Logical Clocks is poised for tremendous growth and I am thrilled to join the team that has already built a strong platform with NDB as its core foundation. I look forward to working closely with customers and continuing driving inspired solutions at Logical Clocks that will help enterprises solve some of the most challenging problems of today that require integration of large datasets, real time data processing, and machine learning” said Mikael.

As Mikael takes command of Logical Clocks’s global data business, he will expand team support for customer demand of Hopsworks. Hopsworks is the only currently available cloud-native Enterprise Feature Store and it also includes a Data Science platform for developing and operating machine learning models in production.

For more information on Hopsworks: www.hopsworks.ai

About Logical Clocks‍ Logical Clocks is the data company that builds Hopsworks, the world’s first Enterprise Feature Store for Machine Learning. With offices in Stockholm, London and Palo Alto, Logical Clocks has set out to make machine learning easy for every company, providing tools for data scientists and engineers to manage features and develop/deploy models in production. For more information, access www.logicalclocks.com or follow @LogicalClocks on Twitter.


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