New Religious Guide Shares Profound Revelations to Help Readers Discover Their Hidden Gifts Endowed by God

Ordained evangelist and seasoned movie producer Felix Nyemike Nkadi shares how readers can identify their unique abilities through prayer and create companionship with the Spirit of God in ‘Awake Into Undisputable Glory’

LAGOS, Nigeria, Nov. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For those facing hindrances that prevent them from deepening their relationship with God, author Felix Nyemike Nkadi presents a wonderful opportunity for them to discover and manifest the gifts endowed in them by God. In his new book, “Awake into Undisputable Glory,” readers will encounter powerful testimony and insightful guidance from scripture to overcome their spiritual battles and receive the full grace of God in all its glory.

Nkadi explores key scriptural mysteries and takes his extensive experience as a preacher of the gospel to teach readers how to revive their prayer life through a greater understanding of the Bible. Instilling the value of prayer to tackle life’s greatest battles, they are encouraged to vocalize their desires to God and open their hearts to His influence.

To help discover the hidden virtues within readers, Nkadi shares his biblical wisdom to explore how God has given us tools to handle moments of fear, loss and doubt. With compassion and sincerity, he awakens the passions of readers to the value of harnessing their divine gifts for the betterment of self and the world around them.

“Every individual is a project wonderfully prepared by God to fulfill special assignment on earth,” Nkadi says. “I hope that readers leave this book equipped with newfound knowledge and strength that will fortify them with consciousness of God’s presence and an understanding of their newfound abilities that can have an extraordinary impact on others.”

Through “Awake Into Undisputable Glory,” readers will find remarkable revelations and interpretations of spiritual doctrines that shine a light on how to operate in divinely ordained glory to rise above the destruction of the world and walk in virtue and wisdom.


By Felix Nyemike Nkadi

ISBN: 9781982247188 (softcover); 9781982247195 (electronic)

Available at the Balboa Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Felix Nyemike Nkadi is an ordained Evangelist, graduate of law and seasoned screenwriter and producer within the Nollywood film industry. A passionate preacher of the gospel with the utmost desire to see people utilize their God-given potentials for positive generational impact, he shares his passion for Christ as a speaker at various seminars, churches, and conferences. His movie, “My Wicked Uncle” later converted to a book and sold more than 40,000 copies globally. He is known for other films including “Tough Target”, “Melting Point” and the award-winning film “Avalanche”. His previously published books include “Rise Above Your Limitations”, “Light Up Your Destiny”, “Wisdom for Great Success”, and “How to Live with Divine Peace and Prosperity”. As a teacher of the word of God, he wants his new book to guide readers to find their true potential and become closer to Christ.

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