Readers Follow an Emergency Room Nurse’s Experiences Saving Lives in New Novel

‘Trauma Drama: Life in a State of Emergency’ by Kat Peluso reveals the struggles and conflicts that emerge from working in a level one trauma center

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ohio, Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amid the rise of COVID-19 cases comes another reminder of the devotion and courage front line healthcare workers possess as they continue to answer the call to help those in their most desperate hour. Author Kat Peluso, a registered nurse with over forty years of experience, shares a taste of what first responders and front-line workers face in a busy emergency room in her new book, “Trauma Drama: Life in a State of Emergency”. Readers are introduced to medical nurse, Goldie Fisher, who is completing her first week of orientation. She is quickly thrown into the action as she handles challenging cases that show her what it takes to be what patients need most.

Peluso has taken her extensive career experience as a healthcare professional handling many daunting cases to share the roller coaster ride fellow professionals like her undergo on the job and how they manage their emotions to provide the best care possible. Readers will thoroughly enjoy learning about Goldie’s transformation as she takes on strenuous cases with patients who are battling mental health issues, drug addiction and more.

“As a nurse, I especially enjoyed reading "Trauma Drama". It gives an accurate portrayal of what daily life is like in a Level One trauma center,” said an Amazon reviewer. “Goldie’s story highlights the triumphs, struggles, and lives of front line workers who put the care of others before themselves daily in life and death situations.”

This fast paced read not only details the remarkable experiences of those who work in the emergency room, but the familiar bond that exists between first responders and front-line workers and how they navigate incredibly stressful situations when lives are on the line.

Readers of “Trauma Drama: Life in a State of Emergency” are given a rare glimpse of the incredible work dedicated doctors and nurses do in the emergency room of a level 1 trauma center and provides perspective on how even under the most stressful circumstances, these exceptional individuals provide top-notch and compassionate care.

“Trauma Drama: Life in a State of Emergency”

By Kat Peluso

ISBN: 9781480892217 (softcover); 9781480892194 (hardcover); 9781480892200 (electronic)

Available at the Archway Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Kat Peluso is a registered nurse who has been practicing for over forty years. After working in one of the busiest ERs in her area, she went on to be a nurse manager, critical care educator, supervisor, site administrator, and an acting director of nursing. Today, Peluso continues her passion for helping others by providing care at sporting and concert venues and teaching life support classes. “Trauma Drama” is her first book.

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