Introducing Benetic: Retirement Specialists Can Turn Months into Minutes Using Benetic’s Online Platform

Benetic saves time by bringing innovative retirement service providers together in a neutral, transparent marketplace. The Benetic Match intelligent search compares each provider's differentiated value with the unique needs of each retirement plan.

Advisors and consultants are using the Benetic platform to gain access to the most competitive services and funds in the industry, along with key analytical insights and enhanced compliance automation.

JACKSON, Wyo., Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Benetic is excited to announce the official launch of its online platform for the retirement industry. Benetic has developed a revolutionary technology solution that brings advisors, recordkeepers, asset managers, and other retirement service providers together in one place: Benetic’s vendor neutral platform. Our platform introduces a new level of efficiency into the advisor-led retirement plan life cycle - including RFPs, negotiating services, pricing discussions, and changes in products and investments. For all of these steps, Benetic turns months of advisor work into mere minutes.

Advisors can sign up or request a demo on Benetic’s website.

A team of leading retirement industry experts and veteran Silicon Valley engineers with backgrounds at MIT, Google and Facebook partnered to build Benetic. Their combined effort has created a state-of-the-art, AI-driven web-based platform that saves advisors months of tedious work and helps ensure ERISA compliance.

Using Benetic, advisors and consultants are able to:

  • Save months when benchmarking, running RFPs and RFIs, and preparing proposals for prospective clients
  • Efficiently evaluate funds they are already familiar with, along with new funds with market-leading pricing exclusive to Benetic *
  • Access pricing efficiencies previously only available to the largest advisors and consultants and the biggest plans, reducing costs for their client plans
  • Streamline onboarding clients after vendor selection
  • Quickly compare multiple combinations of service providers including recordkeepers, investment funds, wellness solutions, PEPs, and managed accounts

“After 20 years of investing in leading companies in Silicon Valley, including Financial Engines, I was excited to join Benetic,” stated Ray Conley, CEO of Benetic and a venture capital veteran. “Benetic offers a compelling opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the retirement industry and the lives of millions of people saving for retirement.”

Vetted by leading industry experts, Benetic’s platform provides a solid foundation to help manage compliance so advisors can focus on their business and client relationships. Benetic acts as an advisor’s digital assistant, guiding them through every step of the platform’s streamlined process for investment selection, recordkeeper evaluation, proposal generation, onboarding, and client management.

“I’m excited to use Benetic’s advisor centric platform to make my practice more competitive and improve my operational efficiency,” said Jason Chepenik, CEO of Chepenik Financial, A OneDigital Company. “Benetic’s technology platform is a game changer for the industry.”

Advisors can sign up for Benetic and access the online platform, or request a demo with Benetic’s team. Recordkeepers, asset managers, and other plan service providers can contact Benetic to learn about how they can join the industry leaders already partnering with Benetic.

About Benetic

Benetic is a technology-powered solution for advisors and consultants that brings recordkeepers, asset managers, and other plan service providers together to generate the best plan options quickly and cost effectively.

Created by retirement industry experts and built by Google and Facebook engineers, the Benetic platform is the last tool you will ever need to build a 401(k) plan solution.

* Benetic-exclusive funds are offered only where permitted under applicable law.

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