Virgin Pulse Expands Homebase for Health™ With Recent Addition of 16 Health and Wellbeing Partners

Streamlining Access to Third-Party Partner Programs through Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health™ Unlocks Significant Value, Increases Benefits Utilization and Drives Health Outcomes that Matter for Clients and Members; Allows Members to Manage their Health and Wellbeing in One Place

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Dec. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Virgin Pulse, the leading global provider of digital health and wellbeing solutions, today announced the addition of 16 new partners across 11 critical health and wellbeing areas to its Adaptive Partner Network. All new partners can be deployed as individual, third-party offerings, and four can also be deployed as part of VP+, Virgin Pulse’s  partner solution, announced at THRIVEx earlier this year, that enables a connected health experience through a collection of seven integrated partners in a one-contract buying solution at considerable cost savings. 

With the heightened and urgent focus COVID has placed on health and wellbeing, employers are embracing digital tools to support employees in maintaining their health as they adapt to a new normal, specifically in the areas of mental health, addiction, sleep, physical activity, financial wellbeing, musculoskeletal care as well as high risk conditions like hypertension and heart disease. As employers add partner solutions to address the specific needs of their organizations, Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health provides a seamless, personalized way for employees to engage with those programs directly form the Virgin Pulse platform.

Critical to Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health™ ecosystem, these partner offerings have passed rigorous security reviews to integrate with Virgin Pulse, and provide a unified user experience that allows members to easily incorporate new wellbeing activities into their daily routines, directly from their Virgin Pulse app. Homebase for Health™ unifies, simplifies and personalizes member health and wellbeing while providing Virgin Pulse clients with a one-stop shop for managing and orchestrating partner health and wellbeing benefits and solutions and streamlining complex contracting, procurement, eligibility, reporting and billing. Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health™ makes whole-person health and wellbeing more accessible for members and more streamlined for clients.

The following health and wellbeing solution providers have joined Virgin Pulse’s growing partner network with innovative, pre-configured integrations that address a range of urgent issues:

  • Biometrics with Quest Diagnostics
  • Heart Health and Hypertension Management with Hello Heart
  • Conditions Management with Helpsy Health
  • Family and women’s health with Ovia Health
  • Financial wellbeing with Enrich™ and myFiTage
  • Fitness with Aaptiv and Zeamo
  • Health Quality and Cost Transparency with Healthcare Bluebook
  • Mental wellbeing with Headspace and SilverCloud Health
  • Musculoskeletal care with Hinge Health and Kaia Health
  • Smoking and addiction cessation with EX Program by Truth Initiative and Quit Genius
  • Sleep management with dayzz

“Wellbeing, conditions management, digital therapeutics, and more make up a complex and disconnected ecosystem of point solutions for health and wellbeing. Complexity and friction prevent members from engaging with resources to manage their own holistic wellbeing journeys and makes it harder for employers to understand and manage total population health and its associated costs,” said David Osborne, CEO of Virgin Pulse. “Virgin Pulse is simplifying the way employers, health plans, and healthcare consumers engage with their wellbeing, health, and healthcare by providing members with their own Homebase for Health™, with direct access to partner solutions and services.”

Achieve Holistic Wellbeing with Virgin Pulse and Partners:
All partners are integrated through Virgin Pulse’s native API and /or single sign-on capabilities that allow members to access the partner’s features and capabilities directly from within Virgin Pulse. This provides a more personalized experience and allows members to track and record engagements toward goals, progress, and rewards, and, as they engage with partners, each member’s Virgin Pulse record expands to reflect full ecosystem engagement, progress, and program completion - all in one place.

  • For members: accessing all tools for health and wellbeing in one place facilitates a more seamless experience. Unified data-tracking allows members to set, track, and manage their progress against goals as they improve lifestyle habits, facilitates the day-to-day management of conditions, and improves overall behavioral health.
  • For clients: Virgin Pulse provides flexibility and configurability to meet the specific needs of client organizations. Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem unlocks the value of client investments in point solutions by driving member engagement and utilization of those third-party benefits and programs. Virgin Pulse’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based recommendations span all available benefits when driving members to the resources that will facilitate their goals, respond to health risks, and promote healthy habits. Centralizing member engagement data allows clients to see and react to health and wellbeing trends and cost drivers across the organization.
  • For Partners: Virgin Pulse’s rewards and AI-guided recommendations drive targeted engagement in partner health and wellbeing solutions, unlocking more value for clients while increasing awareness of partner offerings among the client’s member population. As members complete their health assessments in and begin engaging with Virgin Pulse, they are pointed to curated tools, cards, programs, journeys, apps, coaching, and other resources, some of which are provided directly from partners, that support them in building healthy habits and lifestyles. Virgin Pulse’s advanced analytics and micro-targeting capabilities ensure the right partner content and recommendations are delivered to the right members at the right time.

About Virgin Pulse
Virgin Pulse is the global leader and premier provider of digital health and wellbeing SaaS solutions and services focused on driving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Featuring the industry’s only true Homebase for Health™ that unifies and simplifies the health journey, Virgin Pulse fuses high-tech, high-touch, AI and data to support clients and members across the entire health, wellbeing and benefits lifecycle—from screening and assessment to activation, behavior change and the adoption of sustainable, healthy habits to benefits navigation, condition management, gaps in care closure and digital therapeutics. Today, 12 million+ users in more than 190 countries rely on Virgin Pulse’s digital and live solutions to change their lives—and businesses—for good. To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn

More information about Virgin Pulse’s Newest 2020 Homebase for Health™ Partners:


  • Quest Diagnostics provides laboratory-based insights through biometric screenings to help identify gaps in care and connect participants to employer population health solutions that enable healthier choices and reduce healthcare spending. Virgin Pulse clients can secure biometric screening and connect-to-care solutions and work with dedicated account teams to personalize screening and population health programs to meet client needs. Clients also have access to biometric screening services internationally via Quest’s Global Markets.

Conditions Management:

  • Helpsy Health is the first virtual, whole-health nurse for symptom management and navigation (SAN). Guided by artificial intelligence (AI), Helpsy’s solutions prepare employees and family members diagnosed with complex diseases to take control of their situation and drive the best outcomes possible. Helpsy Health provides continuous, compassionate support and engagement through proactive assessment of needs, treatments and side effects education, and more than 10,000 community programs.

Family Health:

  • Ovia Health delivers an inclusive family benefit platform that supports all parents and expecting families at home and at work. Ovia’s solution helps families navigate reproductive health and parenting journeys from preconception through pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood. Ovia provides users with customized virtual support that includes personalized health coaching, improving mental and maternal health outcomes and helping organizations save money while attracting and retaining diverse talent. Ovia Health provides Virgin Pulse members with access to on-demand, unlimited one-on-one coaching with registered nurses trained in practices backed by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines and offers outbound coaching and return-to-work programs and reporting.
    *Clients can deploy Ovia Health as part of VP+ or as an individual third-party partner.

Financial Wellbeing:

  • Enrich is an award-winning financial wellness program which makes finances fun! Enrich personalizes the experience for each user based on their current goals and has been shown to lower financial stress over time. Enrich provides personalized financial management education, increasing employee productivity, reduce employee financial stress and measure financial literacy efficacy. A suite of student loan tools aggregating loans and providing repayment analysis with access to financial aid coach. A rewards framework allows employers to promote and members to track activity with Enrich, creating an end-to-end financial wellbeing experience.

  • WTW myFiTage offers employees simple and powerful personal financial health monitoring and goal-setting for short-term, long-term, or lifetime financial goals. myFiTage offers privacy protection, customization to present employer benefits and partners, and expertise backed by Willis Towers Watson (WTW). Virgin Pulse’s AI-based recommendations promote myFiTage to members interested in financial wellbeing resources, including those who are building financial wellbeing habits. myFiTage is promoted through partner cards on the Virgin Pulse homepage and offers members opportunities to earn rewards in Virgin Pulse for myFiTage engagements.


  • Aaptiv offers on-demand access to over 1,000 classes across 13 categories, including strength training, running, walking, sleep, meditation, and more. Aaptiv's classes pair expert guidance with a perfect playlist to give users the best experience possible. Aaptiv can be deployed as part of VP+ or as a standalone Virgin Pulse partner. Virgin Pulse offers a secure Aaptiv App branded for Virgin Pulse that offers over 1,000 fitness and wellness audio and video classes on demand. Aaptiv integrates with Virgin Pulse’s healthy habit tracker to create daily success routines. Members are rewarded in Virgin Pulse for daily habits and success measures and Virgin Pulse reports on Aaptiv performance and member use for clients.
    *Clients can deploy Aaptiv as part of VP+ or as an individual third-party partner.

  • Zeamo blends digital and in-person fitness and wellbeing experiences to allow employees to build a personal wellness program that inspires them to make healthy choices and rewards them. Virgin Pulse members can access the Zeamo Fitness Passport and choose from a curated library of on-demand workouts and live-stream classes from top fitness professionals. Gym goers can access a robust network of gyms and studios as part of a subscription program. With Zeamo, activity is rewarded no matter where it happens. Employees earn rewards in the Virgin Pulse app for on-demand video views, live-stream check-ins, gym, and studio check-ins, and other activities facilitated through Zeamo.

Health Transparency:

  • Healthcare Bluebook uses industry-leading objective price and quality data and claims-driven ROI reporting to provide 5,000+ employers and members with an easy-to-use benefits solution that promotes high-value care, drives savings and rapid ROI, and increases price predictability. When combined with a proven engagement methodology, Bluebook’s innovative services empower employees to become smarter healthcare shoppers while decreasing costs and improving healthcare outcomes. Promoted Healthcare Bluebook cards are served up through a member’s Virgin Pulse homepage and on their relevant program pages. Healthcare Bluebook activities and engagements are rewarded in Virgin Pulse.

Heart Health and Hypertension Management:

  • Hello Heart is a clinically-based solution that allows employers to track their blood pressure at home using a BLE monitor and improve their cardiovascular health in real time with an easy-to-use smartphone application. Hello Heart integrates with Virgin Pulse via single-sign-on and expands members’ Homebase for Health™ to specifically target hypertension. Hello Heart offers biometric tracking and personalized explanations and digital coaching and content facilitated directly to member home pages and program pages in Virgin Pulse. Members can also earn rewards in Virgin Pulse for tracked interactions in Hello Heart.   

Mental Wellbeing:

  • Headspace for Work is an employee mental health solution that provides science-backed mindfulness products and professional services to help companies build healthier, more productive cultures. As one of the first meditation apps in the world, Headspace provides mindfulness and mental training through its app and online content that covers everything from stress, movement, sleep, focus and more. Headspace is GDPR compliant and available in English, European French, LATAM Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and German. Virgin Pulse promotes Headspace via partner cards on members’ Virgin Pulse homepages, and members can earn rewards for accessing and completing Headspace content.

  • SilverCloud Health develops digital therapeutics and innovative virtual care delivery models informed by 18 years of scientific research and spanning 30 program areas in wellbeing, mental health and chronic conditions. The SilverCloud Health platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant and enables organizations to quickly scale access to effective mental and behavioral health care with outcomes on par with traditional face-to-face therapy. Partner cards in Virgin Pulse promote SilverCloud Health and members are rewarded in the Virgin Pulse platform for SilverCloud Health engagements.

Musculoskeletal Care:

  • Hinge Health offers the most comprehensive digital musculoskeletal (MSK) clinic. Hinge Health provides a clinical care model that surrounds members with access to doctors, physical therapists, health coaches and technology for back and joint pain. Hinge Health is proven to reduce pain and opioid use, to improve mental health and to avoid two out of every three surgeries. Members who are at risk for MSK issues, are recovering from an injury, are in need of support with chronic MSK pain, or are pre- or post-surgery are directed to Hinge Health based on their health assessment, behavior tracking and member data in Virgin Pulse. As members engage in Hinge Health, they earn rewards in Virgin Pulse.

  • Kaia Health creates accessible, evidence-based treatments for a range of disorders including musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Kaia Health works with experts in various medical fields and uses machine learning to deliver individualized, app-based digital interventions that help patients take control of and self-manage specific conditions from their homes using devices they already own. Kaia’s content is directly integrated into Virgin Pulse members’ homepages and members are rewarded in Virgin Pulse for engaging and completing sessions in Kaia Health. *Clients can deploy Kaia as part of VP+ or as an individual third-party partner. Members can access Kaia Health’s MSK content and schedule coaching sessions directly from the Virgin Pulse app.

Addiction Cessation:

  • EX Program by Truth Initiative® is a digital tobacco cessation program that personalizes the quitting journey for each participant. The program’s interactive, self-paced, guided quit plan provides the specialized support tobacco users need for the behavioral, social, and physical aspects of tobacco addiction. Virgin Pulse members access the EX Program via single-sign-on and members get access to partner promoted cards on the Virgin Pulse home screen while having access to the EX Program in the programs and benefits directory. Virgin Pulse members are also rewarded in Virgin Pulse for engagements involving the EX Program®.
    * The EX Program by Truth Initiative® can be deployed as part of VP+ or as an individual partner.
  • Quit Genius is a digital clinic for treating nicotine addiction that is built on the evidence-based principle of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) that combines virtual behavioral therapy with approved medication and connected devices to help members conquer their smoking addiction. Quit Genius quit coaches guide users through the challenging process of quitting smoking by providing emotional support and education throughout the journey delivered through the Quit Genius mobile app. The company integrates with health plans and pharmacy benefit managers to deliver a turnkey implementation experience. Virgin Pulse members engaging Quit Genius receive SMS, push, and email notification from Quit Genius, partner promoted cards on the Virgin Pulse homepage and recommendations, benefits information and topic-based healthy habit cards in their program pages in Virgin Pulse. Virgin Pulse members will also be able to earn rewards in Virgin Pulse and complete health screenings toward stage-based progress.

Sleep Management:

  • dayzz provides personalized sleep training plans to individuals across the US. facilitated by clinically validated machine learning algorithms that assess common sleep problems. The app constantly adjusts users' training plans based on big data analysis to fit users’ needs and reflect their progress while offering the right intervention at the right time with continuous support and unique motivational strategies. dayzz offers its sleep solution to US employers and payers to increase productivity, enhance wellbeing, optimize usage of the healthcare system and reduce associated costs. Employers receive periodic overview reports based on the vast amounts of data gathered, presenting aggregated data about their employees' sleep status to help them better understand how to improve employee experience and performance. Virgin Pulse members can access dayzz via daily cards in Virgin Pulse as well as through the programs and benefits directory in the Virgin Pulse app. Members can also earn rewards in Virgin Pulse for completed engagements in dayzz.

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