Deck Commerce Launches Order Management Extension for Magento to Empower DTC Retailers

The leading order management system (OMS) partners with Magento Commerce to help ecommerce retailers build a superior customer experience.

St. Louis, MO, Dec. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deck Commerce announced an all-encompassing order management integration with Magento, enabling retailers to process and service direct-to-consumer orders more efficiently without patching several different OMS extensions together.  The integration includes smart fulfillment routing, inventory management, and other features critical for keeping consumers happy without draining technology resources.

The news comes during a time where ecommerce continues to account for a greater-than-ever percentage of total retail sales and shows no signs of slowing down.

As increased ecommerce growth puts a strain on the technology that powers it, the transition to a holistic OMS strategy is increasingly common for retailers struggling with a piecemeal approach.  This new extension automates and streamlines processes throughout the entire order lifecycle, so retailers can focus on customer experience instead of constantly implementing and managing new technology.

The Magento and Deck Commerce integration unlocks a variety of customer-first order management features for retailers:

  • Update storefront inventory in real time with a single click, no technical resources required
  • Control inventory based on shopper actions like PDP view, add to cart, view cart, etc.
  • Easily cancel items and orders
  • Automate fulfillment logic to route orders for the best customer experience and highest profit margins

See the full list of Deck Commerce Order Management features on the Magento Marketplace.

About Deck Commerce
Deck Commerce is the leading order management system (OMS) for direct-to-consumer retailers like New Balance, NETGEAR, and Build-A-Bear. The highly flexible, cloud-based platform powers seamless, omnichannel shopping experiences through inventory management, robust order orchestration, and transaction processing. Deck Commerce OMS enables retailers to curate memorable experiences that turn every customer into their best customer.



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