Pastor Prescribes Scripture and Prayer for Spiritual Healing in Enriching Christian Personal Growth Book

In “Solution Capsules: Christian Living / Prayers,” Simon Aranonu encourages readers to turn to God and His word in their hour of need

PHOENIX, Jan. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Christians are not exempt from trials or tribulations, but they do have a guiding light in times of hardship: the Bible. In his new book, “Solution Capsules: Christian Living / Prayers,” Pastor Simon Aranonu provides practical, scripture-based solutions to some of life’s biggest challenges. Covering ten general areas of need from success and prosperity to divine healing and peace of mind, Aranonu addresses how lack in these areas manifest in daily life and lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual distress.  

Aranonu begins each chapter with personal testimony of how God has worked in his life and the lives of those he has encountered through his ministry, following with “Word Solutions” that outline where in the scripture Christians can find guidance to the specific obstacles they are facing. At the end of each section, he administers “Prayer Solutions,” spiritual prescriptions that walk readers through the process of communicating their needs to God and requesting His support.

Through his book, Aranonu affirms that God’s word is an everlasting and eternal source of wisdom and encouragement. Whether readers are suffering from a physical ailment or emotional distress or are experiencing problems in their career or marriage, “Solution Capsules” demonstrates that the Bible holds the key to prosperity and spiritual wellness.   

“I have faced many challenges in my Christian journey,” said Aranonu. “I sought for solutions from the Word of God and received answers. I want Christians to remember that there is at least one scripture that proffers a solution to their problems. What He has done for me and many others, He can do for you.”

Ultimately, “Solution Capsules” reminders readers that they are not alone in their struggles and encourages them to deepen their connection with the Lord so that they may receive his healing and live both joyously and victoriously.

“This book was what I needed,” wrote an Amazon reviewer. “I was going through a rough patch and once I read the chapter on open doors and prayed the prayer points, things started to work out and I drew closer to God. I discovered solutions to my challenges and I’m so thankful that this book exists.”

“Solution Capsules: Christian Living / Prayers”
By Simon Aranonu
ISBN: 9781973672869 (softcover); 9781973672876 (hardcover); 9781973672852 (electronic)
Available from Amazon, Christianbook and WestBow Press

About the author
Pastor Simon Aranonu is a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God with direct responsibility over one parish and indirect supervision over nine other parishes. Aranonu, who was ordained in 2000, obtained a post-graduate diploma in theology in 1998. He has been called into healing and deliverance ministry and has ministered at various churches, providing victory to believers through the power of Jesus Christ. Aranonu is also a certified accountant and currently serves as the Executive Director of Bank of Industry. He has over 33 years of experience in banking and financial consulting, having started his banking career at a subsidiary of Chase Manhattan Bank in 1987. He is also the author of “Financial Freedom: Secrets of Debt-Free Living,” a personal finance guide for escaping debt bondage and building wealth. To learn more about Aranonu and his books, please visit

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