Victorian Era History, Mystery and Death Puts Readers at the Edge of Their Seats in New Suspense Novel

Author Richard Watkins releases his debut gothic novel ‘The Dead Mrs McIntyre’

SYDNEY, Jan. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author of the medieval trilogy books, “A Wicked Winter,” “The Secret Face” and “The Chalcedony Axe,” Richard Watkins introduces a new gothic mystery novel filled with history, a mysterious death and hidden truths. “The Dead Mrs McIntyre” takes readers back to Victorian London following the travails of a brilliant young lawyer, Henry Jones.

The novel begins with Henry Jones and his wife, Lucy, expecting their first child. As complications begin to develop in Lucy’s pregnancy, the celebrated surgeon Bryan Trembarth takes Lucy to his private hospice. Henry learns Lucy and his child have died in childbirth, and devastated, he goes to seek solitude in the English countryside.

While in Heathfield, East Sussex, Henry is stalked by a beautiful young girl. When these mysterious visitations turn violent, Henry flees from Heathfield and returns to his law career in London. During the most important defense case of his career, he receives information that his child may still be alive. Henry begins to follow a trail of rumors that takes him to Scotland. When Henry uncovers the horrific truth of his wife's death, he also learns the value of true friendship and the possibility of new love.

“The original inspiration for my book came from Henry James’ novel ‘The Turn of the Screw’,” said Watkins. “I wanted to write something that correlated with a ghost story but was more explainable. I focused on grief and the effects of grief on the mind of someone who is troubled by something horrific they have gone through.”

Throughout the book, the author brings attention to the grief of losing a child and wife through preeclampsia during pregnancy. Watkins also addresses a central theme of the difficult plight Victorian women endured while attempting to study law and become lawyers. As an avid reader of military history, Watkins also includes British military history and an interest in historic handguns in this Victorian Era novel. Lovers of history, mystery and gothic suspense novels will want to add “The Dead Mrs McIntyre” to their bookshelves.

“The Dead Mrs McIntyre”

By Richard Watkins

ISBN: 9781984507013 (softcover); 9781984507020 (hardcover); 9781664100060 (electronic)

Available at the Xlibris Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Richard Watkins is an avid reader of military history. During his fifty years as a professional tax consultant, traveler, rally driver and navigator and medieval re-enactor, Watkins has developed a strong love of wild, desolate places and circumstances demanding immense human endurance. A member of the Historical Novel Society of Australia, Watkins has been writing since early childhood, including a medieval trilogy. “The Dead Mrs McIntyre” is his first book in the gothic/mystery genre. Watkins is currently working on “The Welsh Mystery”, a novel again featuring the London barrister, Henry Jones, and a series of short stories set in the region of Shropshire, England. Watkins has two adult daughters and lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, where he and his artist wife have converted a 138-year-old stone church into their private library and art gallery.

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