Larry McNamara Discusses the RV Lifestyle and Rapid Industry Growth

Larry McNamara, CEO & president of Giant Recreation World, Inc., is interviewed on Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres

Beverly Hills , Jan. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If you have a burning fire of passion and belief for what you do, you’ve already won half of the mountain’s success. That’s what Larry McNamara, aficionado of RVs and the RV industry, believes.

Giant Recreation World, Inc. is an RV dealership focused on providing Americans with a hassle-free and unique travel experience. What’s even more astounding is the company is run by six equal partners who are all siblings. Larry McNamara is the CEO of this prestigious family-owned business.

Listen to the full interview of Larry McNamara with Adam Torres on Mission Matters.

The fascination with RVs

Remembering the early days of his childhood, Larry recalls how he has always been around RVs. “Prior to Recreation World, around 1972, my father used to own rental RVs. I remember washing those and helping the customers when they come in to pick them up at our house. I wasn’t more than ten years old,” says Larry.

Fast-forward to 2020: Giant Recreation World has transformed into a company of close-knit people who all hustle to create a positive atmosphere. Larry goes by the motto of being big enough to be competitive and small enough to know every team member’s name.

Larry believes RVs are not just a mode of transport. He promotes it as a lifestyle. “Whether you're a new RVer or have rented one, it allows you to pull into a campground. Next thing you know, you’re having shrimp with new friends that turn into lifelong friends. The essence of the RV lifestyle lies in its community. It’s fun, stress-free, and gives you freedom,” explains Larry.

The best part about RVs, he thinks, is that you can go wherever you want on a whim. You are never stuck in one place or relying on other resources. The cherry on top is the affordability factor in the long run. And the community camping trips Giant Recreation World arranges every month are a blast.

The struggles of the RV industry amidst pandemic

The RV industry is soaring in current times, though with some difficulties. The pandemic has led to material shortages, delaying the assembling process. Industry leaders are having a difficult time putting an RV together.

Luckily, Giant Recreation World isn’t one of them. “When the pandemic first hit, we didn’t cancel all our orders. We kept them going because we didn't know what was coming. And now we’ve got many RVs for our customers to choose from.”

What is next for the company?

Being a loyal believer and admirer of the RV lifestyle, Larry has always promoted it. Today, he has a radio show called RV Hour that’s all about motivating people to join the RV lifestyle and experience comfort and adventure at the same time. “In addition to this, we’re also doing a podcast so you can watch all the adventures we go on,” says Larry.


Giant Recreation World, Inc. is a family-owned and operated RV dealership that has been in the business since 1976, incorporated by Donald McNamara. In 2017, his son, Larry McNamara, became the CEO. Larry runs the company along with his six siblings, who all have equal ownership of the company. In addition to providing top-notch services, Larry McNamara is also building an RV community and adding value.

To connect with Giant Recreation World and learn more about them, you can visit their website at To listen to the RV Hour radio show, go to the Florida Man network on 105.5 FM dial every Saturday from 10-11 a.m.

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Larry McNamara with Adam Torres on Mission Matters.