Greeley, Colorado, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Colorado-based CBD-hemp extraction company Vantage Hemp Co. announced today it is in the process of achieving compliance with European novel food regulations regarding the distribution of pharmaceutical grade CBD extracts. 

Vantage Hemp CO. has made this transition by joining the European Industrial Hemp Associations’s (EIHA) Novel Food Consortium. By joining the Consortium established by the EIHA, it allows Vantage Hemp Co. to join forces with other companies with the capacity of strengthening their compliance in the UK and EU.  

“This is a significant step for our company to provide high quality CBD raw materials for the UK and EU. There continues to be a strong demand for CBD extracts in the UK and EU markets that are of the quality produced by Vantage Hemp Co. We are always looking for ways to expand our foothold on the UK and EU markets and to increase our visibility in the North American, European, Australian and South American markets.” said Deepank Utkhede, COO of Vantage Hemp Co.

Vantage Hemp Co. specializes in the production of GMP compliant, high-quality full-spectrum oil, distillate and isolate for established brands and is actively processing over 1-million lbs of hemp biomass that has been harvested this past season for CBD extraction in North America.

Utkhede continues, “As Vantage Hemp Co. proceeds down the path to achieve compliance with world-wide regulations, we are positioned to become the leading global supplier of CBD extracts while continuing to maintain 100% dedication to premium quality, science-driven consistency, sustainability, transparency, and positive, trustworthy relationships with our clients and community.” 

Guided by Vantage Hemp’s world-class team of specialized experts and professional growers, the company continues to excel in extraction and purification of high-quality, trusted, globally compliant and regulated CBD products.

For more information, visit For media inquiries, contact Parveen Singh, Jr. Account Executive at or 437-247-5230.

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With large-scale, high volume extraction facilities, Colorado-based Vantage Hemp Co. has CBD extraction down to a science. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and having a meticulous focus on every detail of extraction, this start-up turned industry leader consistently delivers pharmaceutical grade, GMP compliant CBD extracts (including full-spectrum oil, distillate and isolate) that companies can trust. Learn more at


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