Lightspeed Systems® Recognized as a Tech & Learning Best of 2020 Winner for Lightspeed Analytics™

Austin, Texas, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightspeed Systems® (Lightspeed), the leading K-12 online safety and effectiveness solutions provider, was announced as a winner in The Best of 2020 awards from Tech & Learning for its innovative analytics solution, Lightspeed Analytics™. Winners were evaluated based on their value, uniqueness in the market, and ability to solve specific challenges for educators and administrators. 

In schools’ rapid adoption of new devices and online tools – especially amidst school closures leading to an increase in online learning environments – Lightspeed Systems solutions have enabled schools to maintain and scale safe and effective learning at a distance. With the increase in online activity, data insights from Lightspeed Analytics proved to be a critical tool for district leaders and IT teams needing visibility to drive successful online learning programs. 

Launched in 2019, Lightspeed Analytics provides total visibility into online learning and student engagement with real-time, actionable data into the use of applications and online resources. Customizable dashboards and granular data sets in Lightspeed Analytics allow schools to evaluate student engagement with online resources; identify redundant or unused licenses to optimize ed-tech ROI; pinpoint areas for professional development and increased effectiveness; and surface rogue applications in use to maintain student data privacy. 

“We’re honored to be recognized by Tech & Learning in The Best of 2020 awards for Lightspeed Analytics,” shared Eileen Shihadeh, Chief Marketing Officer, Lightspeed Systems. “We are driven by our mission of being a trusted partner to schools, helping them solve new challenges, answer the tough questions, and most importantly right now, maintain learning continuity. We’re humbled by the recognition of our efforts.” 


About Lightspeed Systems 

With over 20 years providing technology to meet the needs of schools, Lightspeed Systems is the pioneer and market leader in online student safety and effectiveness. The purpose-built Lightspeed ecosystem of cloud-based solutions – tailored to meet today’s evolving challenges – provides schools worldwide with reliable filtering, analytics, and device management tools for school leaders and educators. Lightspeed Systems is a proven partner for schools, serving over 20 million students in 39 countries and 28,000 schools globally, including 6,500 school districts in the United States. 

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