Bestseller Market Review - BestSeller Market Spotify for artists playlist Music Promotion Versus Spotify Playlist Curator Submission services like Playlist Push, Submit Hub,, Fiverr, Music gateway, Artist rack etc. New music release Spotify Playlist Submission Guide for Indie Music artists 2021

NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bestseller market is an advanced keyword analytic company that permanently solves organic music promotion problems for the global entertainment industry. Their clients include indie musicians, record labels, rappers, music executives, curators, satellite submission services, deejays, social media influencers, singers, song writers, top 100 FM radio stations, TV stations, music supervisors and actors.

Bestseller market believes that if a promoter wants to solve a problem for a musician, they should solve that problem permanently rather than solving the problem temporary and asking musicians to subscribe to their service anytime they have the same problem. This is why bestseller market connects indie musicians and record labels directly to top decision makers in their target market.

After every campaign, Bestseller marketing gives their clients access to the email addresses and phone numbers of decision makers in their target market by redirecting the replies of the campaign to the musician’s personal email. With this organic method, the musician's problem is solved permanently. He/she would no longer need us or any third-party promoter for future releases to that market. They will have direct access to all the decision makers they need for future releases.

Example, if a musician wants to promote a song via Spotify playlists, their target market will be the playlist curation industry. he/she will need to submit the track top playlist curators in their genre. Since bestseller market is a keyword analytic and sales company, they can analyze and verify all leads in a target industry, curate a custom sales submission pitch with emotional triggers and deliver the pitch to the inbox of the decision makers as if the musician contacted them directly. And when the decision maker replies, the reply is redirected automatically to the musician’s personal inbox thereby creating a life time relationship with the decision maker and the musician.

This organic method saves their clients months of hard work and it also guarantees massive organic results with proof of work.
Bestseller market takes care of all the background work for their clients so entertainers can focus on creativity, family and their day job.

Bestseller market is not happy that many companies like playlist push, submit hub and are not helping musicians because their service is like a subscription service that is not guaranteed but cost thousands of dollars. You are required to subscribe to their submission service every time you release a new song whereas with bestseller market every campaign is a one-time campaign for an affordable one-time fee. The owner of, Rob levels recently tried to convince bestseller market to stop helping rappers with direct connections to decision makers else they will go out of business and bestseller market refused so they went ahead to publish a fake review online about bestseller market so they can be in business.

With, you can submit to 3000+ playlists curators for less than $100 whereas these other services will charge you over $5000 to submit to the same number of curators and they still won’t give you access to the playlist curator’s emails, phone numbers and proof of work. They will just send out a one-time email blast with their official email address on your behalf.

Bestseller market knows that all big playlist curators prefer to work directly with indie musicians rather than search for new tracks from bulk 3rd party email blasts. since curators are paid by these companies to review your music, the curators won’t care about the success of the artist. The will just deny as much as they can and still get paid for reviewing the track. Or they approve you and remove your track after a week. This happens because there is no direct connection with the musician. no deal or agreement in place so it is what it is.

Other companies will never give the musician direct access to the playlist curator's email or phone number but bestseller market does. Bestseller market will curate a custom industry standard pitch with emotional triggers and send out the pitch to the focused inbox of 3000+ big Spotify and apple music playlist curators all over the world. with an open rate of over 70%, at least 1500 playlist curators will see your submission and at least 400 curators will listen to your music immediately.

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