Certified Financial Fiduciary Bruce Elfenbein, Founder of SecuRetirement, Discusses the Best Retirement Plans

Florida’s income and retirement advisors, Bruce Elfenbein a Certified Financial Fiduciary® and founder of SecuRetirement, is interviewed on Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres.

Beverly Hills, California, Jan. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In this in-depth interview, Bruce began the conversation with his story of getting into the industry. It was an unplanned journey when Bruce decided to move to South Florida to take over a franchising opportunity. An initial step in the spring of 2000 to take over as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The Original Big Tomato Franchise Co., Inc., an award-winning franchise in South Florida.

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“After opening a couple of stores in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, my attention changed; I turned to work more with the franchisees to market and build their businesses. To earn some additional income during evenings and weekends, I joined as an agent of The Hartford. You get paid to help people, and it was here when everything changed in my life,” says Bruce.

According to Bruce, everyone needs to find the right passion and should pursue it to be a successful entrepreneur, and “people only fail when they give up.” On his path to creating a niche, Bruce focused on retirement and retirement planning. He focused on tax strategies with optimum solutions for his clients. “Retirement planning is more about tax planning, and that brings a huge difference,” Bruce explains.

Bruce, a Certified Financial Fiduciary® believes that the client’s best interests should be the top priority for any business. Instead of focusing on earning more profit, he prefers working with people he trusts. As Bruce expands, “The problem arises when you do not know whom to trust.”

On further discussion about planning for financial futures, Bruce focuses on guaranteed income, which he believes is the secret to retirement. Considering the market fluctuations, having a guaranteed income is a must to help anyone maintain their standard of living in hard times. Also, this makes sure that the money you worked hard for pays off.

“I work with different clients, and my oldest client is 98 years old. However, working with younger clientele requires a different mentality with different strategy recommendations,” Bruce says.

There are several ways you can control your retirement funds. To find more information on the best retirement insurance plans, you can visit https://www.securetirement.life/.


Bruce Elfenbein is one of Florida’s income and retirement advisors. He is currently residing in Hollywood, Florida, with his wife Maria, daughter Karol, and granddaughters Sofia and Lucia. He has a guaranteed way of planning ahead for your retirement and looking after the well-being of your loved ones. He is a successful contributor to the Wall Street Journal, and it’s easy to find helpful reports and studies on retirement and income planning by Bruce Elfenbein.

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Find more information about Bruce Elfenbein at https://www.securetirement.life/ or connect with him directly at 786-546-9302

You can also follow Bruce on LinkedIn.

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Bruce Elfenbein, CFF® is interviewed on Mission Matters Podcast with Adam Torres