Braver Capital Management Becomes Adviser Capital

Newton, MA, Jan. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Braver Capital Management is rebranding to become Adviser Capital. Adviser Capital carries on Braver Capital’s mandate to offer proprietary tactical and fundamental strategies to institutions, registered investment advisers and turnkey asset management platforms (TAMPs). 

The move is a culmination of the partnership that began in 2017, when Adviser Investments acquired Braver Wealth Management and its Braver Capital Management division. The partnership increased the financial planning capabilities and tactical investment product offerings available to the combined firm’s clients. Together, the firms have become a full-service wealth management provider with over $6 billion in assets under management, $1 billion of which is under Adviser Capital’s care.

“The merger has allowed our team to expand, increase our research and analytic capabilities and offer more services to our clients,” said Adviser Capital Chief Investment Strategist Charles Toole.

“We’re in a position today to expand our offerings to more advisers, and that’s why now is the right time to make this change and move into the future under a unified brand,” said Adviser Capital Vice President Steve Johnson.

Adviser Capital is a division of Adviser Investments. The latter began in 1994 with a single $140,000 portfolio and a vision to create a client-focused, commonsense wealth management company. After 26 years, the company now serves over 3,500 clients nationwide with over $6 billion in managed assets. The original mission remains the key to its success.

“Adding the Braver team’s wealth management and tactical investing skills to Adviser’s collective IQ helped make us the full-service wealth manager we are today,” said Adviser Investments CEO Dan Silver. “We’re excited to see them take their next steps under the Adviser Capital brand.”

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About Adviser Investments

Adviser Investments and its subsidiaries operate as an independent, professional wealth management firm with particular expertise in Fidelity and Vanguard funds, actively managed mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, fixed-income investing, tactical strategies and financial planning.

We have more than 3,500 clients and over $6 billion under management and serve clients in all fifty states. Our wealth management professionals focus on helping individual investors, trusts, foundations and institutions meet their investment goals. Adviser Investments’ minimum account size is $350,000.

As of December 31, 2020, the Adviser Capital division had $1 billion in managed assets.

For more information, please visit or call (617) 559 3413.

All Adviser Capital (Adviser) strategies carry a risk of loss. Markets can gain or lose value in dramatic fashion over the span of a single day, month or more. 

Adviser strategies nor the models that guide them can guarantee the avoidance of market losses, or guarantee that they will participate in all market recoveries or gains. Past performance is not an indication of future returns.

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