Business Transformation Expert Mark Ceely is Transforming Traditional Workflows with BECK Strategies

Mark Ceely, Founder and CEO of BECK Strategies, is interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres.

Beverly Hills , Jan. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Behind every great experience is a great workflow. To modernize your operations to optimize cost, productivity, and resilience, you need to connect with the people, functions, and systems across your organization. Reimagining customer experience by delivering instant quality of service and satisfaction is what BECK Strategies is all about. CEO Mark Ceely aims to scale service operations with well-connected digital IT workflows.

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The Beginning of BECK Strategies

After having contributed his skills to the IT industry for over 20 years, Ceely was inspired by how ServiceNow helped their customers route their work effectively in the enterprise. He wanted to take it in a different direction, giving customers a true advantage - helping them drive change with people, process, and technology.

Fast-forward to 2021. BECK Strategies is a premier partner of ServiceNow, committed to making work better with digital workflows. BECK Strategies and ServiceNow empower their customers to operate, recruit talent, develop their people, and create a culture to bring their best selves to work.

Nurturing the Culture with Consistency

“Customers typically look for a new partner, not necessarily a new platform. They know ServiceNow is great, and in cases when they get a bad taste in their mouth, that’s when we come in and say, you know, we do things differently,” explains Ceely.

With team calls and meetings confined from Mondays to Fridays, Ceely wants to integrate teams into their daily life and create a family atmosphere. One where customers can call them for anything and BECK Strategies will bring the right people to help.

DoD SkillBridge Program

BECK Strategies created a DoD-authorized SkillBridge Program, enabling active duty service members within 180 days of separation to complete internships and pre-apprenticeships with approved civilian employers before transitioning out of the military. “That’s been an interesting program for us,” says Ceely.

In a veteran program suggested by one of his partners, Ceely noticed that veterans separated from the military had certifications but couldn't get hired because they couldn't pass the interviews. Ceely understood that these veteran programs were not helping them achieve the next level. “The SkillBridge Program is not about bringing you in just for a certification. We're bringing you in to make you successful,” states Ceely.

“We're not just inundating them into the public and the private sector. They have an entire road map, just like going to school, but as they get each cert they get more responsibility. So, you know, passing the first cert, learning technical vocabulary things like that, then they start doing tickets, actually helping customers.”


BECK Strategies is a business transformation consulting company, 100% dedicated ServiceNow® Partner committed to helping drive businesses into the future. BECK Strategies is focused on helping customers drive change with People, Process, and Technologies on ServiceNow. It’s major service areas include IT Operations Management / AIOps, but also cover a wide range of business units within the ServiceNow platform to include Service Management, Business Management, Integrated Risk, and Security Operations. To learn more about BECK Strategies, visit their website, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Mark Ceely is interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres Adam Torres