Mealthy Inc., a Subsidiary of MVP Holdings Inc., Launches New Crowdfunding Campaign

Casey Musick, CEO of MVP Holdings Inc. and Mealthy Inc., is interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres.

Beverly Hills , Feb. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Casey's connection with entrepreneurship began in childhood. With both his parents running their own businesses, he learned a lot about business from a young age.

"With the kind of atmosphere we're living in, our young generation needs to be resilient," says Casey about the unprecedented market scenario entrepreneurs are facing. "You know, there's a lot of different things going on, and we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, and we don't know what's going to happen the day after that."

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Casey believes that people shouldn't hesitate to jump in. "When you have no idea of what you will be doing two years from now, you have to take the path where the market leads. Sometimes, you make it big, and sometimes, you may not, but that shouldn't stop you from exploring," explains Casey.

The Acquisition of Mealthy Inc.

Mealthy is a kitchen countertop appliance company and a recently acquired subsidiary of MVP Holdings Inc.

Mealthy jumped into an incredibly competitive segment of the industry with a fresh approach. Using a community-focused approach focusing on customer service, how-to videos, and new recipes, Mealthy has created a mobile app that houses almost two thousand recipes and websites specifically for their products.

“Amid all the noise and congestion we have in marketing consumer goods right now, Mealthy has focused on fostering a community of good food, good people, and families coming together around the kitchen table, especially during these crazy times. The focus is always on building a community around a product and not just trying to force the product down people’s throats. Our motto is ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’ and that includes making it faster and more enjoyable. [We want everyone] to enjoy the kitchen, to be around the dinner table with family and friends," explains Casey in the in-depth interview.

Mealthy has garnered 12,000+ positive reviews, 330,000 followers on Facebook, and 29,000 followers on Instagram.

After raising $1.07 million in under 90 days in an initial funding round through Republic, Mealthy is now in a second round on the WeFunder platform with a targeted end date of April 8, 2021.

“We’re getting ready for some explosive growth, and the crowdfunding campaign is a good start to it,” states Musick, who actively responds to and engages with potential investors on the WeFunder platform.

Mealthy initially received over 4500 investors in the first round, and as of today, the newest round has garnered investments from over 670 people.

“[Customers] are not just buying, they’re sharing their experience with family and friends. So, we’re doing this again. We can bring in more customers and community members and have people who want to use our product. These are the ones who truly believe in us,” shares Casey.


Mealthy Inc., based in Fresno, California, manufactures the #2 selling pressure cookers on the market and has garnered sales of $19M in just three years since its inception. With a focus on making home cooking easier and faster, Mealthy Inc. builds products powered by people.

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Casey Musick is interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres