Senet and New Cosmos USA, Inc. Partner to Improve Natural Gas Safety

Companies Collaborate to Deliver Advanced Natural Gas Alarm and Certify Operation on Senet’s Public and Private LoRaWAN™ Utility Networks

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Feb. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Senet, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based software and services platforms that enable global connectivity and on-demand network build-outs for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced it has partnered with New Cosmos USA, Inc. to develop a new version of the New Cosmos Wireless Natural Gas Alarm (806NLR) and certify its operation on Senet’s LoRaWAN™ network - the largest public, SLA-backed, carrier-grade LoRaWAN network in the United States. New Cosmos USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd., which has a 70% market share in the residential natural gas alarm market in Japan and has sold more than 70 million residential natural gas alarms worldwide. Executing against strategic go-to-market plans, New Cosmos USA and Senet are also engaged in field trials with large multi-utility service providers to explore use cases focused on improving safety levels and reliability across regional natural gas distribution networks.

By addressing site connectivity challenges and delivering state-of-the-art sensing and alerting features, this collaboration is strongly positioned to deliver on the needs of utilities, state regulators, and other natural gas stakeholders who are increasingly focused on using emerging technologies and implementing cost-effective best practices to address the safety, reliability, efficiency, and deliverability of an aging infrastructure.

The New Cosmos 806NLR Wireless Natural Gas Alarm is uniquely designed for utility companies to easily install and monitor for potential gas leaks, and quickly alerts residents to dangerous situations. Market leading features include:

  • 10% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) gas alarm threshold, far exceeding the industry standard of alarming at 25% LEL and capable of alerting residents to an emergency situation much sooner than traditional technologies
  • 85dB alarm warning sound and instructive voice warnings
  • Wireless communication to the Utility company for early warning and event response preparation
  • Long-life battery operation (for a minimum of 6 years), allowing for flexible, wireless installation options anywhere in the home
  • Self-monitoring for sensor functionality and battery life

“We are proud to offer the most reliable, nuisance-resistant alarm solution for dangerous residential gas leak explosions,” said Ron Lazarus, COO at New Cosmos USA. “The ability to expand our reach with Senet’s carrier-grade network services, built on the open LoRaWAN protocol, is an exciting and cost-effective way for our utility partners to continue modernizing many aspects of the gas delivery system, including early leak detection and alerting for rapid response.”

“Unlike lesser featured LoRaWAN network services designed to deliver IoT connectivity, Senet has implemented all the carrier-grade components essential to ensuring the operation of critical infrastructure and essential business applications in utility, municipal and enterprise markets, said Bruce Chatterley, CEO at Senet. “We look forward to a successful partnership with New Cosmos to help deliver new levels of safety and service to the natural gas market.”

Differentiated from decentralized IoT networks and proprietary utility networks, Senet provides utilities with options for public, private and semi-private carrier-grade network deployment and network operation. Extending value further, with a Senet network in place for gas leak detection, utilities can easily add network capacity and coverage to enhance operations and expand their service offerings to include other gas safety and service delivery solutions on the same IoT network.

For more information on the New Cosmos 806NLR Wireless Natural Gas Alarm, contact Ron Lazarus at, cell: 630-301-0572.

For more information on Senet’s carrier-grade network services for critical infrastructure and essential business applications, download Senet’s new whitepaper: The Value of Carrier-Grade Network Service for the Delivery of LoRaWAN IoT Solutions.

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About New Cosmos USA, Inc., a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of New Cosmos Electric CO, Ltd

New Cosmos has been a leading global supplier of gas detectors and gas alarm systems for more than 60 years. We have developed a complete product portfolio that includes residential combination alarms for fire, explosive gas and carbon monoxide, fixed gas detectors, portable gas detectors and odor indicators using our unique gas sensor technology. New Cosmos is the leading supplier of residential methane detectors in the global market. Our mission is to prevent accidents at home and in the workplace. We are dedicated to making the environment safe and comfortable. New Cosmos provides products and services to meet the needs of customers and to develop innovative products that are always one step ahead. Visit us: Please check for our new webiste avaialbe February 12, 2021 or sooner at

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