Christian Pastor Reflects on the Readiness of the Church for the Second Coming of Christ in New Book

In “Bringing the Church Back to Christ,” Idemudia Guobadia emphasizes the urgent need for believers to examine their blind spots and realign with their intended mission before Christ returns

UNION, N.J., Feb. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- God is clear in his word that Christians are not of this world. However, the history of the Church, or the collective body of Christ, is marked by many instances of failure to maintain the distinction between that which is God-breathed and that which is secular influence. In his new book “Bringing the Church Back to Christ: Preparing the Bride for the Groom’s Return,” author and pastor Idemudia Guobadia charts the Church’s storied past, examines how it has strayed from its path over time and outlines what is required to be equipped for Christ’s forthcoming return.

Guobadia begins “Bringing the Church Back to Christ” with an exploration of how the Church’s standing has changed throughout time and place. While believers have faced brutal persecution for their beliefs, they have also strayed from the mission, acting in self-interest rather than in service and misusing their power to uphold violence. Through thorough analysis, he identifies how the contemporary Church’s teachings have become diluted and the body has fractured and divided.

Guobadia also draws from the scripture to posit that the rapture is fast-approaching. To prepare for the second coming of Christ and the union between bride and groom, he explains that the Church must recognize its blind spots and recenter their focus to serving the Lord. Rather than becoming entangled in the distractions of the world—politics, economics and contemporary culture—Christians must reflect on how their actions correlate with the instructions of Christ.

“There is a need for the Church to make right the wrongs of her past and adjust to societal changes,” said Guobadia. “I challenge the body of Christ to walk in humility, repentance and forgiveness so that she can be effectual in advancing the global mission of Christ.”

“The [a]uthor has painstakingly laid out a solid case for the church to reflect upon her journey from inception through the church ages until now, and the social, doctrinal and organizational upheavals that have littered her pathway,” wrote an Amazon reviewer. “The church is called to a realignment with the spiritual values that our [Lord] taught . . . Great inspirational and instructional read.”

A salient reminder that the Kingdom of Heaven is quickly nearing, “Bringing the Church Back to Christ” offers believers an opportunity for both self-reflection and spiritual preparation.

“Bringing the Church Back to Christ: Preparing the Bride for the Groom’s Return”
By Idemudia Guobadia
ISBN: 9781664200593 (softcover); 9781664200609 (hardcover); 9781664200586 (electronic)
Available from Amazon, Christianbook and WestBow Press

About the author
Idemudia Guobadia was born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1967 and left Nigeria in 1989 for a postgraduate degree program in commercial and corporate law at King's College London, University of London. He returned to Nigeria in 1991 as a teacher of commercial law in two Nigerian universities. Guobadia relocated to the U.S. in 1993 and was admitted to the New York State Bar in July 1997. He has had the privilege of residing in four continents of the globe and brings this rich experience in his communicating with his audience. Guobadia was called by Christ into the Pastoral Ministry in April 2006 and has since written six books centered around faith, spiritual power and relationship building. His previous work includes “I Never Stopped Believing” (2008), “Fighting for Deliverance,” (2016) and “Overcoming Crisis” (2018). He has been featured on local television and blog talk radio shows and has joined several Christian conferences as a guest speaker. To learn more about Guobadia and his work, follow his Amazon Author page or connect with him on Instagram (@idemudiaguobadia).

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