Asklepion Pharmaceuticals LLC announces AWINSA Life Sciences as its Clinical safety and Pharmacovigilance Service provider for their clinical trials in their fight against COVID-19

PRINCETON, N.J., Feb. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AWINSA Life Sciences, a Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Safety service provider announced that it has been selected as the preferred vendor for clinical safety management by Asklepion, a biopharmaceutical company for their upcoming trials.

CMO Asklepion, Dr. Gurdyal Kalsi said, “We are very fortunate that we got this golden opportunity to contribute to the resolution of COVID-19 crisis. For this venture, we are excited to enter into a strategic alliance with AWINSA Life Sciences for clinical safety management, a team of intellectuals known for their proficiency in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Safety.”

“We are delighted to be a part of this project and our team of knowledgeable, experienced and exceptionally astute professionals will definitely give value addition to these important trials,” said Dr Sanjeev Miglani Founder and Director, AWINSA.

The Co-Founder and Director of AWINSA, Dr Mugdha Chopra very rightly mentioned, “To overcome this nuanced and complicated COVID-19 crisis, the power of HOPE needs to be fuelled with scientific and authentic research. Asklepion has taken one step forward in this direction and we feel privileged to be a part of their prestigious trials.”

About Asklepion

Asklepion is a biopharmaceutical company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Asklepion Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving patients’ lives by identifying, developing and commercializing medicines which address unmet medical needs. They focus on the development of treatments for rare paediatric diseases. Asklepion strives to channel the powers of science and biotechnology into therapies that are lifesaving and to significantly improve the quality of life for sick children and anxious parents. They are led by team of seasoned executives who enrich the company with their extensive experience in various arenas.


AWINSA is a service provider which provides end to end pharmacovigilance, medical information, medical writing and medical affairs services to Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies globally. Armed with wisdom and dedication, AWINSA aims to metamorphosize the pharmacovigilance world. The team has rock solid foundation of academics topped with sharp clinical acumen and expertise making them adept for this field. AWINSA has operations across the US, Europe and Asia.

Contact information:

Sanjeev Miglani, MD
Director AWINSA Life Sciences
59 E, Shrewsbury Place, Princeton, NJ 08540