Carter Wilcoxson and his Entrepreneurial Journey of Building a Financial Group

Carter Wilcoxson, Founder and CEO of CSI Financial Group, was recently interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Money Podcast.

Beverly Hills , Feb. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Entrepreneurs are not just born; they are made by passion. Carter Wilcoxson, Founder of CSI Financial Group, is an example of that through his journey. In this interview, Carter highlights his entrepreneurial path and takes us through a series of significant CSI Financial Group phases in recent years.

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The Building Blocks

Carter never planned to be an entrepreneur. Being the first person in his family to be on the path of entrepreneurship, it was difficult at first. Still, he kept on pushing forward. “As I was growing up, I never thought to myself that I was going to be an entrepreneur,” says Carter.

In search of something better, he decided to establish his own business rather than put in long hours for other people. That’s when CSI Financial Group was born.

While discussing his work, Carter also touched upon education, stating that one need not have to go to college to master entrepreneurship. Not going to college himself, he explained that a degree isn’t a mandatory requirement to run a business successfully.

Carter puts supreme emphasis on overcoming adversity and continuously evolving while talking about professional success. He says it is vital to start with intent, “It’s all going to be worth it!”

Shifting Gears

CSI Financial Group was founded in July 2014, with its roots firmly in networking. With the motto of “Recreating the Industry Forever,” CSI Financial Group stressed extensive collaborations. Aiming for strategic alliances, the organization introduced various pathways for their advisors to create win-win situations for their clients.

Blending the estate planning requirements in the financial sphere, CSI Financial Group has developed programs, including the Advisor Partner Platform, focusing on relationship cultivation for building a successful business. Talking about the end-user, Carter adds, “It all begins and ends with client acquisition.”

Work Culture and the Future

Talking about the right fit for the organization, Carter espouses the quality of mutual association throughout their work teams. Being “not just transactional,” CSI Financial Group emphasizes independent advisors with a professional outlook. Describing their process of competitor-proofing the businesses, Carter says, “We are delivering true peace of mind to masses of people who have assets.” This requires them to have proactive estate planning for generational control.

Taking us through the nuts and bolts of CSI Financial Group’s eStatePlan™ , Carter shares their onboarding process, discussing the O.E.P.T. and the 90-90 approach.

Carter shares his firm’s vision of building a revolutionary and accessible company to help people manage their assets wisely.


Founded by industry veterans with a proven track record of helping advisors leap to their next level of growth, CSI Financial Group is the first-ever IMO/PDO that offers exclusive plug-and-play client acquisition strategies for financial professionals. Advisors get the expertise of an entire team of trainers, mentors, and legal professionals supporting them all along the way.

To learn more about the organization, visit the CSI Financial Group.

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Carter Wilcoxson was recently interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Money Podcast.