Father and Son Share Their Decades Worth of Leadership Experience in Inspiring New Book

Pastor Everette W. Howell and Dr. Siegfried E. Howell enlighten readers in ‘From Ordinary People to Great Leaders’

ST. LUCY, Barbados., Feb. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everette W. Howell and Dr. Siegfried E. Howell have published their first book as co-authors. “From Ordinary People to Great Leaders: An Application of Biblical Models to Contemporary Leadership Issues” is a self-improvement guide that seeks to help readers develop leadership skills and grow themselves and their organization by using biblical methods for contemporary leadership issues.

Building on the stories of great leaders in the Bible, “From Ordinary People to Great Leaders” is designed to assist readers in developing the mindset to grow from ordinary to great. In the book, readers will learn about how God guided David and Moses in their training and preparation to become great leaders. When God saw that they were ready, he placed them in leadership positions to develop a fledgling organization into a great nation.

“I used to be a youth leader and I taught senior and junior youth leadership,” said Pastor Howell. “This was my initial impact with young people years ago. More recently, I researched so many books on leadership and I wanted to put something new on the market. While my son Siegfried was studying for his doctorate, he would share with me different subjects he was exposed to and he came up with the idea for us to write this book and for me to share my experience with leadership.”

In the book, potential or present leaders will learn they must focus on what they or their organization can be the best at doing and what they must do to accomplish these goals. Pastor and Dr. Howell show in their guide how the God-given wisdom of Biblical leaders can help individuals reach their goals and excel as leaders. Ultimately, by applying Biblical models to contemporary leadership issues, the authors hope readers can be inspired and learn from the process of how God worked with Moses and David to become some of the greatest leaders in history.

“From Ordinary People to Great Leaders: An Application of Biblical Models to Contemporary Leadership Issues”

By Everette W. Howell & Dr. Siegfried E. Howell

ISBN: 9781663213402 (softcover); 9781663213419 (hardcover); 9781663213426 (electronic)

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse

About the author

Everette W. Howell was born in Barbados and is a graduate of the University of the Southern Caribbean, Oakwood University and Andrews University. The author of several previous books, he is an ordained minister and has served as a church pastor, teacher and church administrator in the United States, Caribbean and United Kingdom. Currently retired, he lives with his wife, Audrey.

Dr. Siegfried E. Howell, the son of Pastor Everette Howell, holds an associate degree in natural science, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biochemistry, a master’s degree in food chemistry and an EdD degree in leadership and management. He has taught science for all grade levels for over twenty-four years. He is married, with an adult daughter and a teenage son.

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