Preciate Adds New Enterprise Features to Preciate Social, Making Virtual Networking, Recruiting, Onboarding, Sales and Team Building More Productive, Easier

Enhancements Come on the Heels of 200% Customer Growth and Close of Funding Round

DALLAS, Feb. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Preciate, a platform designed to help businesses and teams foster and grow authentic relationships through virtual business socials and peer recognition technology, today announced a slate of new enterprise features, significantly updating its flagship product Preciate Social. Custom-designed with virtual networking, recruiting, onboarding, sales and team building in mind, the new features, such as expanded room capacity and one-click entry, make it easier than ever to host a deeply immersive social. The product enhancements come on the heels of explosive business customer adoption, with more than 200% growth quarter-over-quarter and a 250% increase in hosted socials during the fourth quarter alone.

“For years, companies have operated under the assumption that in-person meetings and gatherings were the only way to effectively conduct business, but the abrupt switch to remote-first work over the past year has proven that to not be the case,” said Ed Stevens, CEO and Founder of Preciate. “With tools like Preciate Social powering everything from virtual recruiting and onboarding to virtual sales pitches, networking and team building, companies are saving billions in travel costs while increasing productivity and revenue. Our powerful new enterprise features will allow companies to find even more value in Preciate Social.”

Providing an entirely new way for large groups to socialize online, Preciate Social was built from the ground up to provide a fully immersive experience that replicates the atmosphere of real-life business socials and mixers. Its patent-pending Social PresenceTM technology enables the expression of social signals and cues by allowing users to move away from or toward people to start a conversation, hear the background noise of other people chatting and give toasts.

Developed in response to growing demand from enterprise customers, Preciate Social’s new enterprise features include:

  • Increased capacity: Expanded with global enterprises and large events in mind, hosts can now have up to 300 attendees in one room, with the option to add additional rooms for even larger groups.
  • Saved rooms: Hosts can easily schedule recurring socials, enabling the use of saved themes to increase efficiency for businesses. Saved rooms can have themes for specific business functions such as recruiting, onboarding, customer relationship building, networking, and team activities and games. In addition, hosts will have the option to leave the room open at all times, creating a convenient, 24/7 hangout area.
  • One-click entry: Now that attendees no longer need to have a Preciate Social account to attend an event, they can easily join any room with one simple click.
  • Optimized audio processing engine: Attendees and hosts can now enjoy improved sound quality for an even more immersive experience.
  • Chat and search: One of the most highly requested features, chat allows users to direct a message to anyone in a Preciate Social. Use it to have private, one-on-one conversations or send a message to the whole virtual room.
  • Signs and artifacts: In large events, organized activities and games often require attendees to split into separate groups. With this new update, hosts now have the ability to place numbered signs or specific artifacts/images in a Preciate Social to facilitate group formation and virtual activities.
  • Integration with Slack: Users can now create a Preciate Social directly within Slack, making it even simpler to open a virtual room no matter where you conduct business.
  • Zoom in and out: Participants can use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and out of a Preciate Social, allowing them to see the full room or narrow their view to smaller groups according to their preference.
  • Fully-licensed music in Canada: Previously only available in the US, Canadians can now enjoy access to tunes. Last year, 41,000 songs were played on Preciate Socials, with jazz and holiday music being the most popular during the holiday season.
  • Redesigned recognition activity feed: Preciate’s redesigned recognition activity feed provides improved compatibility across all supported platforms and provides a friendly, open and inviting aesthetic.

“We’ve enjoyed using Preciate Social to keep our global team connected and productive, and everyone loves it so much that we’ve purchased licenses for all of our employees to use personally as well,” said Debbie Gager, Director of Global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition at Infragistics. “With these new capabilities, we’re looking forward to taking our virtual team building and engagement to the next level.”

With these new features, the sky is the limit for applications of Preciate Social. Over the last several months, Preciate has seen companies utilize the virtual socializing capabilities provided by Preciate Social to conduct meetings and events in four key areas:

  • Networking Social Hours: From college alumni groups to professional networking, Preciate Social is breaking down barriers and bringing the career benefits of big city networking to professionals across the globe through its innovative virtual platform.
  • Recruiting and Onboarding: Learning more about prospective and new employees can be difficult as a remote team. Companies are using Preciate Social to break the ice and get the team acquainted. They are also using it to onboard employees from around the globe, ensuring that all new employees have the same equitable, high-quality onboarding experience.
  • Sales and Customer Relations: Making customers feel special is a critical aspect of successful sales. Companies are using Preciate Social with potential and existing clients to form stronger relationships from anywhere. CEOs can even pop into the meeting for 5-10 minutes to help close the sale.
  • Team Building: From happy hours and coffee breaks to birthdays and other employee celebrations, companies are using Preciate Social to encourage employees to connect with one another, helping them build stronger relationships and improve team morale as a result.

Companies looking to apply the time, money and productivity savings of virtual socializing to their own business models can purchase a subscription to Preciate Social starting at just $14.99 per month. To learn more, visit  

About Preciate 
Preciate is a platform designed to help businesses and teams foster and grow authentic relationships through peer recognition technology and virtual business socials. Its newest offering — Preciate Social — is the first virtual socializing platform for businesses and teams and was built from the ground up to provide a fully immersive experience that replicates the atmosphere of real-life business socials and mixers. Its patent-pending Social PresenceTM technology enables the expression of social signals and cues. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Preciate was founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneur and technology executive Ed Stevens, who successfully sold his last company to Vista Equity, the largest acquirer of enterprise software companies in the world. To learn more, visit:  

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