Black Family History Reveals Hardships Still Present in the Modern Day and How to Overcome Them

“The Robertson Family: Portrait of a Post-Civil War African American Family, Challenges and Vision 1860s–Present” by Evelyn C. Robertson Jr. paints the portrait of a humble, Southern African American family who achieves success through God and perseverance

Whiteville, Tenn., Feb. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With age comes wisdom, but for author Evelyn C. Robertson Jr., age has also brought about faith, hope, and anticipation after reflecting on a life well-spent. However, the Robertson family story presented in, “The Robertson Family: Portrait of a Post-Civil War African American Family, Challenges and Vision 1860s–Present,” is more than a memoir; the book highlights the many struggles of an African American Southern family as they overcome racism in its many forms.


Robertson Jr. began writing “The Robertson Family” as a personal memoir highlighting his life’s educational and professional accomplishments. As he thought back on his life, he began to think of those in his family that came before him, who overcame societal obstacles to give him the best chance at a life filled with love, security, and happiness. As he explored his family tree, he noted how without these ancestors, his life simply could not be. Robertson Jr. wrote this memoir to encourage his children, motivate his grandchildren, and highlight to readers that the seemingly impossible is always possible regardless of race, color, or national origin.  


“I have no story without my family. Any success that I have had is inextricably intertwined with my family. I also recognize that young people and children unborn need to know the story of a family that emanated from humble beginnings dating back before the Civil War. I know that without God this story would not be possible,” Robertson Jr. said.


Robertson Jr. hopes readers will find inspiration in his family’s story and that it will create a spark within them to realize that with faith in God, preparation, hard work, and perseverance reaching their full potential is attainable no matter the hand they have been dealt.


“The Robertson Family: Portrait of a Post-Civil War African American Family, Challenges and Vision 1860s–Present”

By Evelyn C. Robertson Jr.

ISBN: 9781665510561 ISBN (softcover); 9781665510554 (hardcover); 9781665510547 (electronic)

Available at the AuthorHouse Online Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Evelyn C. Robertson Jr. received his bachelor’s degree in political science and history and his master’s degree in administration and supervision from Tennessee State University. Throughout his career, Robertson Jr. has served as an educational administrator, behavioral health administrator, and as an economic and community development administrator. He has been married to his loving, supportive wife, Hugholene, for 57 years. Together they have two children, Jeffery and Sheila, and two grandchildren, Malik and Jasmine. Robertson Jr. currently resides in Whiteville, Tenn.

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