John Grace and His Journey of Leading the Investor Market

John Grace, Founder & CEO, Investor's Advantage Corp., is interviewed on the Mission Matters Money Podcast with Adam Torres.

Beverly Hills , Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Understanding finances and their mindful utilization is an essential skill. Discussing the importance of financial knowledge, John Grace, Founder and CEO of Investor's Advantage Corp., shares his expertise on the subject in this extensive interview.

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Getting into The Business

In southern Los Angeles, John witnessed economic inequality quite early in life. In 1979, an accidental meeting with his mentor over the financial domain was instrumental in bringing him to the industry.

Starting from scratch, John has built assets worth a lot of money for the organization. Being in the insurance and estate business for over 40 years now, he has educated people from all walks of life and helps investors manage assets wisely.

Take on the Market Scenarios

Speaking about the industry's current situation and considering the prevalent minority groups, John indicates that lack of access is responsible for the stunted growth. He says it is due to limited resources that most people with interest and curiosity still cannot easily get into the stock market.

Viewing the pandemic from the financial perspective, 2020 was a challenging year for both stocks and humans, explains John. At such times, he advises deciding on planned ways to mitigate possible risks. Moving into 2021, it is vital to learn from the past. "History is something we can learn from," adds John.

With 41 years in the securities business, John observes the savvy investors with whom the firm works often hate losses more than they love gains. Perhaps for the first time ever, John and his team encourage clients to discover: “What kind of loss can you accept?” Then his team puts together a customized portfolio that hopefully performs within the client’s expectations.

Essential Workers

Recognizing the front-line workers' invaluable efforts during COVID-19, John offers free financial planning services for essential workers.

John believes it is vital to make people aware of the service and is organizing 90-minute Zoom calls dedicated to discussing financial planning with essential employees.

Advice to All

For anyone aspiring to get into the market, John asks them to continue making a consistent effort to find the right door. He states, "We need to see the situation as it is." Being positioned either at the backend or dealing with clients in person are two different spheres of the industry.

Guiding investors, Grace suggests waiting patiently in the long-term for your profits to come in. "In the market, it is to buy and hold," adds Grace, while talking about dealing with low times and limiting the declines.


Since 1979, Investor's Advantage Corporation has been passionate about working with individuals looking to achieve financial independence. By proactively planning our clients' futures, we develop attainable goals and achievable personal benchmarks. At Investor's Advantage Corporation, we pride ourselves on our ability to build financial independence and confidence. We do this by creating transparent and efficient portfolios that strive to exceed client objectives.

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You can also get a copy of his ebook at Amazon. Tune into the Voice America Radio Show to catch John talk more about the market.

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John Grace is interviewed on the Mission Matters Money Podcast with Adam Torres.