Leonovus Announces a New Product - XVault

Ultra-secure, protocol-independent, remote data sharing application

OTTAWA, Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leonovus Inc., ("Leonovus" the "Company") (TSXV: LTV) today announces the beta launch of a new product called XVault. The Company is looking for beta customers to aid in the testing and the new product introduction phase.

"Over the past year, our market research identified an enterprise need for more secure and real-time ways to transfer and share data in both the public and private sectors. International trade negotiations, public safety, military communication, mergers and acquisitions, legal communications are only a few markets requiring a secure data sharing solution. Several organizations indicated they continue to put sensitive data on USB sticks, and trusted staff fly, drive or walk the data to its destination. The obvious risk of these delivery methods combined with the non-real-time access to the data is a significant problem. XVault is a key new innovation and feature integrated with our overall smart and secure data management solution," said Michael Gaffney, Chair and CEO.

XVault is a highly Secure Remote File Sharing (SRFS) solution for real-time remote sensitive information sharing or transfer. The SRFS is multi-point with a powerful unique, protocol-independent data protection innovation. The system protects data by destroying it. At no time in transit, in-flight or at-rest, is the data in a readable format, regardless of the transport protocol. The UI is seamless and straightforward for users with a verifiable data flow and avoids any data exposure.

XVault has four key features; 

  • Real-time, hyper-secure remote data sharing for classified and sensitive data; protocol-independent, not relying on SSL or TLS for security. 
  • A data-centric security solution that reduces cyber threat surfaces. 
  • Platform agnostic, point to point, point to multi-point and multi-point to multi-point secure data sharing.
  • Simple configuration and operations that require minimal administrative and no user training. 

Competing in an increasingly AI insight-driven world, enterprises are becoming more aware of the importance of real-time data sharing with remote locations and with third-party sources. In a recent Accenture survey, thirty-six percent of executives indicated that the number of organizations they partnered with had doubled or more in the last two years and that 71 percent of executives anticipate the volume of data shared within these ecosystems to increase. The Harvard Business Review Analytics Services Survey found that 78 percent of companies highlighted the ability to easily access and combine data from various external sources as very important for a data-driven enterprise. However, only 23 percent said they were currently very effective in this area, and only 15 percent shared data with critical vendors and suppliers. 

To become a beta customer go to www.leonovus.com to arrange a meeting.

About Leonovus
Leonovus is a secure data management software company. The Leonovus suite of data management tools offer an organization what it needs for a complete end-to-end data-centric solution. This solution can stand on its own, or it can easily integrate with the organization's zero-trust strategy and architecture. It takes seamless advantage of the organization's existing storage infrastructure and network architecture, working on-premises, in the cloud, or both. It extends the data-centric controls across the entire architecture, including cloud resources. And it supplies these cybersecurity capabilities for the full lifespan of the data and beyond. 

The flexible and straightforward solution does not require changes in the method of data use. Applications, services, and users all interact with the data the same way they always have. The system ensures the right users get access to the correct data at the right time, but securely.

In addition to working with existing systems, the Leonovus solution aids in the organization's digital transformation by enabling ultramodern data concepts necessary for the data-driven world. These capabilities are included in an automated solution requiring little operations effort and no new skills or expertise needed.

The main elements of the Leonovus Smart Data Management suite are:

Data Discovery Tool - classification and understanding of your existing data sets
Smart Filer - transparent file-based data controls for cost, flexibility, and scalability.
Vault - multi-cloud data management for data lifespan.
Data View Gateways - controlled repository internal/external data sharing
Smart Secure Data Lake - a multi-sourced context-rich repository for advanced analytics.
Consolidata - multi-sourced data collation and aggregation for near real-time insights.
XVault – protocol independent, ultra-secure remote data sharing solution; coming soon.

Each is available independently or together as a comprehensive solution set. To learn more, please visit www.leonovus.com.

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