Russia Transformative Economic and Demographic Trends Report 2020-2025

Dublin, Feb. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Transformative Economic and Demographic Trends in Russia, 2025" report has been added to's offering.

Russia experienced weak GDP growth in 2019.

Russia's 2020 economic downturn was two-fold: the joint impact of a crash in the oil prices and health crisis mitigation lockdowns will keep the economy contracted till early 2021. How long are the economic constraints on the growth expected to last? What are the strategic imperatives for businesses in Russia amidst such tumultuous times? In this research, the publisher analyzes the scale of impact of these factors on Russia's growth and other vital macroeconomic elements.

This research provides insights into the drivers and restraints for the Russian economy from 2020 to 2025. What opportunities will the transforming demography bring in the next decade? How can businesses leverage the growth opportunities created in the aftermath of such trends? This research is a forward-looking macroeconomic assessment of elements, such as trade, government spending, and GDP. The report also puts into perspective the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the national and regional economic growth outlook.

Another key feature of this study is Russia's social analysis that provides a comprehensive outlook on the age structure of the population, population density, and a detailed disease profile. Similarly, the study also presents an assessment of the health insurance environment of Russia.

Based on the trend analysis and the recovery outlook, the publisher has detailed the economic growth opportunities for businesses in this crisis. This report defines the context of these opportunities and offers pointers on how they could be leveraged to drive growth. Similarly, this research identifies and expands on the top strategic imperatives for businesses that will be key to ensuring growth during these uncertain times.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What is the outlook for Russia's growth?
  • What trajectory will recovery take?
  • Which Federal subjects contribute the highest to the GDP?
  • How will COVID-19 affect fiscal and monetary policy?
  • What fiscal support has been provided to businesses?
  • What are some of the growth opportunities that businesses can leverage?
  • What are the strategic imperatives to ensure growth amidst COVID-19?

Key Topics Covered:

Strategic Imperatives

  • Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
  • The Strategic Imperative
  • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on the Economic and Social Environment in Russia
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

Growth Opportunity Analysis-Macroeconomic Environment in Russia

  • Russia Economic and Social Environment-An Overview
  • Key Growth Metrics for the Economic and Social Environment in Russia
  • Socioeconomic Growth Drivers in Russia
  • Socioeconomic Growth Restraints in Russia

Russia Economic Outlook

  • GDP Growth
  • Federal Subject-wise GDP
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Fiscal Analysis
  • Trade Analysis
  • Impact of Global Economic Trends and Events
  • Positioning on Global Performance Indices

Russia Social Analysis

  • Population Structure
  • Population Size and Density
  • Disease Profile-Communicable Diseases
  • Disease Profile-Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Health Insurance and Out-of-Pocket Expenditure

Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Suspension of Protectionist Policies Opens Trade Opportunities for Exporters of Medical Goods to Russia
  • Growth Opportunity 2: Robust Expansion of the Silver Economy
  • Growth Opportunity 3: Investment Opportunities on Account of Improved Innovation Capacity
  • Growth Opportunity 4: Expansion of Logistics Infrastructure to Accelerate Vaccine Distribution
  • Growth Opportunity 5: Long-term Export Opportunities from Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion to Europe

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