Shuttle Computer Group Introduces K21WL01 and K15RK01 Versatile, High-Traffic Kiosk Computers

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shuttle Computer Group, Inc., one of the world’s leading designers of small form computers, introduces its pair of durable, versatile, heavy-duty kiosks, the 21-inch K21WL01 and the 15-inch K15RK01, with multi-touch, IP-65 rated screens. Their sleek construction and modular design include a built-in three-inch thermal printer, integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner, credit card reader, RFID/NFC/IC, webcam, and speakers, with plenty of extra ports for more peripherals.

Shuttle computers are known to be reliable, customizable, and easy to integrate into a variety of markets. The K21WL01 and K15RK01 can be used on a countertop or wall- or poll-mounted; they are perfect for high-traffic applications like airport or parking lot ticketing, secure door access, trade show and hotel guest check-in, self-ordering for fast food, healthcare integration, casino wayfinding, theme park ticketing, and more.

“We provide the Shuttle Experience: hands on, boots on the ground integration support, generating ideal solutions that our partners need,” said Tosh Akhgar, director of sales and marketing. “And we’re confident that our new K21WL01 and K15RK01 kiosks will be adopted by many of our new and existing customers because they’re so easy and versatile. Simply add your application and stir.”

These new kiosks also feature an exacting security measure: the on/off mechanism requires a special magnet to engage, and it’s in a sealed location so that only authorized users can access the internal cabinetry.

The K21WL01 and the K15RK01 kiosks are TAA-certified for government contracts and will be available in the spring through Shuttle’s B:B group; distribution partners; and online. One-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

About Shuttle Computer Group

Shuttle Computer Group is the North American subsidiary of Shuttle Inc., a publicly traded company established in 1983. Shuttle specializes in small form factor PC hardware for gaming; streaming; digital signage, point-of-sale (POS), and interactive kiosks in the retail, restaurant, food service and hospitality industries; as well as motherboards and bare bones systems.

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