Coachella Valley Unified School District Awards Purchase Contract for Nearly 25,000 Used Apple Devices to Second Life Mac

Proceeds from sale will help fund new digital learning devices for district

SKOKIE, Ill., March 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Second Life Mac, the most experienced Apple device buyback company for schools and businesses, was awarded a contract to purchase approximately 24,000 used iPad and 900 used MacBook from Coachella Valley Unified School District in Thermal, Calif. The contract is valued at between $850,000 and $1.2 million. Click to Tweet.

Second Life Mac buys pre-owned Apple devices from schools and businesses, allowing organizations to recoup the remaining value in these devices and use the funds for future technology purchases. Data is securely erased and devices are refurbished before being resold via wholesale and resale channels.

Coachella Valley USD plans to use the funds generated from the sale as partial payment for a new fleet of Apple digital learning devices.

Second Life Mac was selected for the device buyback because of its ability to conduct Touchless Trade-in™ events, which collect devices from students and parents safely while maintaining social distancing.

With Touchless Trade-in™, students with school-owned devices receive a unique QR code via their iPad from Second Life Mac. On the day of the Touchless Trade-in™ event, students or parents drive up and show the QR code, which is scanned by a Second Life Mac representative wearing personal protective equipment. The QR code identifies the student and the device. The student places the old device on a conveyor belt, where it is received by a rep and placed in a box. New devices are handed out by another rep.

When a box of used devices is full, a representative from Second Life Mac seals it and sends it back to the company’s warehouse, where the devices are sanitized, all data is removed to Department of Defense standards, and devices are refurbished. If a device cannot be refurbished, it is recycled with zero e-waste in landfills.

“For Coachella Valley USD, having a Touchless Trade-In program in the midst of a pandemic was crucial,” said Israel Oliveros, director of technology services for Coachella Valley USD. “Our team evaluated many options and discovered that Second Life Mac was willing to partner with our school district to offer a solution that maintained the emphasis on keeping students and staff safe during the collection and deployment of iPad. Second Life Mac is definitely leading the way for device trade-in programs during a very challenging time for our district.”

Second Life Mac will be hosting 12 Touchless Trade-in™ events at three different locations during February and March to make it as convenient as possible for parents and students. Similar scale trade-in events elsewhere have taken students and parents under 10 minutes to complete. Parents and students will be contacted with the specific date and location for their trade-in.

“The need for up-to-date digital learning devices has never been so crucial now that most students are learning remotely,” said Paula Currie, vice president of procurement for Second Life Mac. “Many schools feel stuck with old devices because they are afraid to take them back due to the pandemic. We have solved this problem for them. The key is to order new Apple devices as soon as possible, as supply chain issues continue to impact delivery.”

About Second Life Mac
Second Life Mac is disrupting the device buyback industry by coupling the best Apple lifecycle expertise with outstanding customer service, start to finish custody of devices, and the most transparent process. The used devices Second Life Mac procures from schools and businesses are refurbished, data is securely erased to Department of Defense standards, and they are resold via wholesale and retail channels. Headquartered in Skokie, Ill., the company is an Entrepreneur 360 winner, and has been awarded for its innovation by EdTech Digest and Tech & Learning. More information is available at or on Twitter @SecondLifeMac.

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