Safe and Sustainable Vaping: Swissx Launches Tobacco Line and E-Cig Replacement products

The owner of the patents that power the biggest vape devices in the world has expanded into all-natural tobacco products, sustainably grown in California and Switzerland; Swissx has also released a ceramic and glass line of vape tools made to the same standards as Apple’s iPhone as well as safer Juul-compatible pods and replacement parts.

Los Angeles, CA | Gstaad, Switzerland, March 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swissx, the owner of the patents that power vape products made by leading e-cig brands such as IQOS, Mark-10, NJOY, Pax Labs and Juul, has entered the tobacco vape sector with all-natural nicotine extracts from tobacco grown on sustainable, cooperative farms in California and high in the Swiss Alps. Founder Alki David also announced that Swissx has begun shipping it’s own pods and replacement parts, manufactured with ceramic and glass, citing the dangers of both personal injury and cancer risk poised by major e-cig brands’ plastic parts. The new products are already arriving in 7-11s and other major convenience store chains, and are also selling at

The manufacturers of vape products that violate the patents owned by Swissx are the targets of a major suit filed in Delaware in February (Read about the suit in Bloomberg Law). Swissx is also preparing suits against retailers who sell the patent-infringing products, and has sent a second warning letter demanding the removal of the infringing products and offering to help retailers switch over the Swissx’s healthier, more sustainable products. 

Swissx, founded by Alki David in 2016,  is the leading wellness brand that helped bring cannabis products into mainstream acceptance. Its Swiss-developed, organic CBD oils are the gold standard for purity and wellness effects, and for the farmer’s cooperative programs throughout California and the Caribbean that are helping struggling agricultural communities develop lucrative, fair trade crops. Swissx and Alki David are also business partners with Mike Tyson and his Tyson Ranch. 

“We believe in plant medicine at Swissx,” says Alki David, Founder of Swissx Labs. “But we recognize tobacco is not going away anytime soon. So, we’ve created the healthiest, all-natural nicotine extracts from tobacco possible, and vastly improved the safety of the devices used to consume them. ”

Vape products made with ceramic and glass are much safer, according to many studies that name both personal injury and cancer risk as the downside of plastic vape products made by companies like Juul. Swissx’s full line is already available online and in major retail chains. The company is also making pods and parts that are compatible with the leading brands’ devices, using the Swissx patents, to help people transition to its healthier alternatives. 

A letter has been sent by Swissx attorneys to thousands of U.S. retailers pointing out, “Our primary goal is to ensure that our patent is used legally and safely by device manufacturers and distributors and that ingredients used in the oils are held to the highest scientific and health standards. Swissx would like to formally extend an invitation to approve your Company as a registered reseller of our products thus avoid any unnecessary litigation.”

“Ideally the dangerous plastics these companies use would just go away,” said David. “But during this period of transition and raised awareness, we’ve begun shipping pods loaded with our healthier tobacco and CBD oils, and a much higher level of safety in the mechanisms under the oversight of the patent’s inventor Robert Safari.”

Swissx has also launched a subscription service involving AI, streaming TV content, and patent pending, Nuerotainment technology that integrates preference learning with product recommendations. SWISSX TV creates original content designed to help customers access live and on demand TV programming with both legacy and original content created to enhance the user experience when using Swissx product and services.

Swissx’s wellness products have been used by such luminaries as Tommy Chong, Keeping up with the Kardashian’s Scott Disick, Donatella Versace, Dave Navarro, Ray J, Chief Keef, and Reggae legend Marlon Asher who rerecorded his cannabis anthem "Ganja Farmer" in tribute to Swissx.

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Swissx is now selling e-cig pods and parts for both nicotine extracts and CBD that are compatible with devices made by major makers infringing on its patents. Safety is Swissx' chief concern and all parts are made under the supervision of the vaporizer's inventor, Robert Safari. Find out more at Swissx has launched a line of glass and ceramic pods and parts for vaping both CBD and nicotine extracts. Considered much safer than the plastic parts used by major e-cig makers, the ceramics are comparable to those used for Apple's iPhones. Find out more at 

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