Author Releases Third Spiritual Guidebook Emphasizing Finding Inner Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Brad Flinders has published ‘The Silent Soul’ promoting true peace of mind regardless of readers’ beliefs

KAMAS, Utah, March 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author and devout Mormon Brad Flinders introduces his third book, “The Silent Soul: A Guide Toward Inner Stillness,” which presents a unique way of looking into a different realm than the one many typically inhabit. With the increasing uncertainty of the world, Flinders stresses anyone can find inner peace and contentment through steady and consistent practice.

“The Silent Soul” describes a pathway into the hidden realm of non-form that exists within each individual’s vast inner universe and does so in a way that is easily accessible. In a straightforward manner, Flinders discusses how to gain access to the elusive Stillness within and how one can find the Divine in the process. This book unpacks how individuals find this magical path of discovery and how it can change lives in a very tangible way, resulting in the soul’s impending transformation from caterpillar into butterfly.

“I was a member of the LDS Church until leaving the church at age 39,” said Flinders. “A lifelong seeker of truth, I began to question my beliefs which led me on a long journey to discover and understand my relationship with God and with the Universe itself.”

Personal spiritual experiences lead Flinders to write this book to share his knowledge from his lifelong journey seeking spiritual truths. By quieting inner thoughts and emotions, Flinders learned how to listen to the God within. Throughout the book, readers will find that they are far more capable of spiritual growth and advancement than they tend to realize.

“The Silent Soul: A Guide Toward Inner Stillness”

By Brad Flinders

ISBN: 9781982256975 (softcover); 9781982256999 (hardcover); 9781982256982 (electronic)

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press

About the author

Brad Flinders is the author of the spiritual guidebooks The Seeking Soul, The Evolving Soul and now The Silent Soul. A lifelong seeker of spiritual truths, Flinders shares insights and experiences resulting from 40 years of searching as a devout Mormon followed by two decades of continued exploration and life-changing discovery after having left the church. He and his wife are the parents of eight children and reside in rural Utah.

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