Star Quarterback Gets Possessed by a Murderous Preternatural Being in Suspenseful New Thriller

Author Chad Hammond takes readers on a horror bent story in his debut novel ‘The Guardian Assassin’

SHELBYVILLE, Ill., March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- High school comes with the best of times and the worst. In Chad Hammond’s new book, “The Guardian Assassin: Predators Turned Prey,” he introduces Chase Bradshaw, a high school junior who has it all when suddenly his world takes a twisted turn. Set in rural Illinois circa 1989, the story follows Chase and a night that transformed him into a completely different person.

Throughout the book, readers will be captivated by Chase’s encounter with a mysterious glowing orb and the spark it ignites, leading to freakishly realistic nightmares in which Chase becomes an assassin killing unambiguously evil villains. Readers will learn that the orb that embodies Chase’s mind is the Greek lore, Killian, the son of Ares, god of war and nephew of Morpheus, god of dreams. Killian begins to plant visions into Chase’s mind influencing him to be someone he never thought he would be.

“I wrote ‘The Guardian Assassin’ to share some of my personal experiences in life,” said Hammond. “I hope my book shows others that it is okay to have setbacks and that difficulties and problems can lead to success.”

The book shines a light on societal problems and provides twists and turns that the reader will never expect. “The Guardian Assassin” also will have the audience rooting for the underdog.

By the end of the novel, readers will be taken on a wild ride that is now Chase’s life and will be intrigued to learn more about where his story leads in upcoming novels that will be a part of this chilling trilogy. 

“The Guardian Assassin: Predators Turned Prey”
By Chad Hammond
ISBN: 978-1-5320-8533-8 (softcover); 978-1-5320-8534-5 (electronic)
Available at iUniverse, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Chad Hammond started writing as an alternative to rebellion. Entering young adulthood as a talented athlete, life's many trials and tribulations veered him onto a path of trouble and negativity. After years of downfalls and letdowns, he decided to write as a pick-me-up and source of fulfillment.

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“The Guardian Assassin: Predators Turned Prey”
By Chad Hammond

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